Comfort Food Steals The Show At 2023's Dollywood Flower & Food Fest

Full of Southern hospitality and family-friendly entertainment, Dollywood sits near the Smoky Mountains in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, and never ceases to bring smiles to visitors from all over. Stopping by this beloved theme park will also give your stomach direct access to delicious Southern foods, especially at the Flower & Food Festival, held every spring until mid-June. This is Dollywood's fourth year of celebrating springtime with a big event that not only features larger-than-life flower sculptures and talented performers but a Dolly-approved lineup of comfort foods on the menu. Scattered throughout the 150-acre park are several mouthwatering eateries that offer tempting Dollywood treats that are drool-worthy enough to start booking your trip to try them.

If you've got your stomach set on trying multiple Dollywood delicacies, the park makes it quite affordable with the Tasting Pass. The Tasting Pass can be purchased online or upon arrival and allows guests to fill up on up to five items throughout the day for one price. Depending on whether you're a season pass holder, the Tasting Pass will cost you around $34 or $37 plus tax and applies to specific park restaurants. Those who have tried Dollywood's famous chicken sandwich know comfort food is at the heart of the park's dining options, and the menu at the Flower & Food Festival reflects this dedication. From succulent Korean BBQ meatballs to different varieties of mac and cheese to street tacos, there is something for everyone. 

Where to use your Tasting Pass at Dollywood's Flower & Food Festival

It's evident that Dolly Parton and the park staff have put their hearts into making all aspects of Dollywood a magical place to be, right down to the culinary excellence you'll find at every turn. For the Flower & Food Festival, you can stop by the seasonal booth to quench your thirst for a fresh passion fruit lemonade or boba tea, or head to the Market Square for other satisfying sips.

Between mosaic-hopping and rollercoaster riding, Miss Lillian's BBQ Corner will hook you up with a boost of energy in the form of Garlic Shrimp Mac and Cheese or Dollywood's award-winning pulled pork sliders. You can also get your hands on a savory Loaded Potato Tornado, a spiral-cut potato on a stick that's true to its name and loaded with toppings, from Market Square Potatoes.

If you're craving a fresh salad or some of those Korean BBQ-flavored meatballs we mentioned, you can make your way back to the seasonal booth at Dollywood. Iron Horse Pizza features a creamy, cheesy Pretzel Crab Melt, which sounds way too unique to pass up. But, at the end of the day, let your sweet tooth guide you to Spotlight Bakery or Crossroads Funnel Cakes for dessert. Although, we think the star of the sweets menu might be Showstreet's Pistachio Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich. However, the whole festival itself is a real treat. Thanks, Dolly.