The Adorable Kitchen Gadget That Ensures Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs With No Effort

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Theoretically, if you can boil water, you can make a hard-boiled egg. The technique is really very simple. However, just because you can do it, it doesn't mean you can do it well. It is very easy to overcook an egg in boiling water, resulting in a thin greenish band that runs around the yolk and a faint (or strong) sulfur smell. This happens because you can't see what is going on inside the shell, so there is always some guesswork involved.

The NobleEgg Egg Timer Pro is a cute little device that looks like a chicken with a red belly. The handy gadget, which is about the size of an egg, helps ensure you get the perfect level of doneness every time. To use it, simply add it to the water — like you would an egg — and watch the belly. The hotter the egg gets, the more the red area shrinks. The smaller the red circle becomes, the harder your egg gets. The beauty of the NobleEgg is that it lets you know what is happening inside, so you don't have to guess when your eggs are done.

Other egg-cooking gadgets and hacks

While the NobleEgg Egg Timer Pro is affordable and easy to use, it isn't the only egg-cooking gadget on the market. If you enjoy omelets, for instance, but don't look forward to cleaning up the mess, the Rollie egg cooker turns your raw eggs into convenient burrito-like treats in minutes. With the Rollie, there is no need for pans, grease, and stoves, you just pour the egg in and out pops a meal.

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For people who have trouble separating eggs, the Daisy Plastic Egg Separator is a great tool. This flower-shaped strainer fits over a cup. All you have to do is crack an egg and pour it into the flower. The Daisy lets the white strain through while containing the yolk. No more mess, just a cleanly separated egg every time.

If you struggle with removing egg shells once your hard-boiled egg has cooked, try adding vinegar to the boiling water while cooking. For many, this hack makes the task much easier. However, if you prefer gadgets, the EZ Eggs Egg Peeler can remove the shells from up to three eggs at a time. To use this clever device, simply add eggs, water, and shake. With this device, you can remove the shell from three eggs in the time it usually takes to peel just one.