Denny's Brings Back The Much-Loved Breakfast Super Slam

If your go-to order at Denny's is one of its many Slams, such as the All-American Slam or the Grand Slam, then you'll be glad to know that, once again, Denny's Super Slam is making a comeback. The fan-favorite special returned to menus on May 15 and will stay as a limited-time seasonal item before disappearing on June 20th. 

The meal features two buttermilk pancakes, two eggs, two sausages, two strips of bacon, and a side of hashbrowns. Technically. you can recreate this dish (minus the hashbrowns) in Denny's customizable Grand Slam, but the Super Slam is cheaper, at $7.99 for most locations. 

Denny's has welcomed back this popular menu item a couple of times in recent years. In 2022, the franchise brought the Super Slam back in partnership with the Women's Sports Foundation. The chain was also focused on adding value items to its menu amid rising inflation costs and economic woes. Denny's found success in the 2000s amid the Great Recession with its $2 $4 $6 $8 menu. While inflation remains an issue in 2023, the chain is also celebrating a huge milestone and is bringing back the item as a result.

Denny's is bringing back the Super Slam to celebrate 70 years

The dish's return is part of Denny's celebrating 70 years since it first opened. The Super Slam can be found on the All Day Diner Deals menu, home to yet another celebratory breakfast choice, the colorful, sprinkle-filled 70th Anniversary Pancakes. Earlier this year, the breakfast chain revamped its menu with several new items like the Mac 'N Cheese Brisket Sizzlin' Skillet and Spicy Moons Over My Hammy sandwich as well. 

Fans of the Denny's Super Slam will be pleased by its return. Over the past few years, several have taken to social media to express their love for the limited-time item.  One Twitter user recalled in 2020, "The Super Slam was my favorite at a local Denny's near where I lived," while another fan on Reddit commented in 2022, "Just when I was going to swear off Denny's for life they reel me back in." While customers continue to experience higher costs of living in 2023, value menu items like the Super Slam will sure to be popular choices.