The Wildest Food Challenges In Every State

In a nation known for its audacious appetite and epicurean adventures, it's no surprise that the United States boasts a smorgasbord of wild and wacky competitive eating contests. From towering mountains of burgers to bottomless bowls of chili, gastronomic warriors from coast to coast embark on culinary conquests that push the boundaries of gluttony and defy the laws of moderation. With controversial health effects, potentially upset stomachs, and tastebuds pushed to the limit, competitive eating has become a popular pastime.

Each state has its own group of challengers from near and far and also boasts its own unique challenges, both mighty and meaty. Whether the battle lies with a burger that's bigger than your head, a burrito that could break a table, or hot wings with so much spice that will blow your head clean off, competitive eating is no joke across the United States. Grab your napkins and loosen your belts because we're about to take you on a rollercoaster ride through the wildest competitive eating challenges in each state.

Alabama: Wintzell's oyster eating challenge

In the heart of Alabama, nestled within the vibrant coastal city of Mobile, lies a seafood haven known as Wintzell's Oyster House. Among their many delectable offerings, there's a legendary competitive eating challenge that puts even the most voracious appetites to the test — the Wintzell's Oyster-Eating Challenge. The rules of this daring feat are simple yet stomach-churning.

Any brave soul who wishes to attempt the oyster-eating record must visit any Wintzell's location, sit at the oyster bar, and devour more raw oysters on the half shell within one hour than the existing record holder. The reward for surpassing the current record? A modest yet tasty victory, along with a $25 check and the honor of having their name added to the esteemed list of oyster-eating champions displayed proudly behind the oyster bar.

The current record holder, Ken Orndoff of Foley, achieved an astonishing feat by consuming a jaw-dropping 421 oysters on a fateful day in September 2010. The current women's record holder, Kristen Amy Irby, demolished 223 oysters in one hour and has held strong at the top ever since setting that record on April 30, 2019. What makes this oyster-eating challenge truly wild is the sheer quantity of oysters devoured in such a short span of time. Imagine the fishy aroma of freshly shucked oysters, their slippery texture, and the delicate balance of briny flavors. If you find yourself drawn to this unique siren call, Wintzell's Oyster House in Alabama is ready for you.

Alaska: Phonatik pho challenge

In the chilly city of Anchorage, Alaska, where the aroma of savory soups wafts through the air, one Vietnamese eatery has risen above the rest with its extraordinary culinary prowess. Phonatik, a bustling noodle soup haven, serves steaming bowls of pho and hosts a fiery competition known as the pho challenge. A brief history of pho takes you back to French beef stew, which evolved into an Asian-inspired dish after France occupied Vietnam. Today, its diverse regional variations can present a bowl's varying compositions and reveal clues about its geographic origins. From sweet and garlic-laden broth with Lao or Hmong influences to meatball-packed bowls reminiscent of Lao-style pho, the flavors and ingredients offer a glimpse into the rich culinary tapestry of Vietnam. But back to the contest.

Quarterly, brave contenders gather to participate in this epic battle of noodles, broth, and meat. With a formidable appetite and a mere thirty minutes on the clock, competitors face eight-pound bowls of pho, devouring as much as possible. In the case of one 10-way challenge, there was a 100-person crowd there to cheer the contestants on as they slurped their way to victory. The ultimate victor of the ten-way challenge, Ben Saunoa, claimed the glory and a remarkable $888 prize. In the battle of taste and texture, Phonatik's pho challenge stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of this comforting dish. It has brought a fiery sense of competition to Anchorage.

Arizona: Chompie's ultimate slider challenge

Delicious hamburger sliders are a compact, bite-sized alternative to an ordinarily large burger and are perfect for a small snack unless they are sliders from Chompie's. Based in Tempe, Arizona, Chompie's draws competitive eaters from near and far to feast on their ultimate slider challenge. With only 30 minutes, contestants must consume one pound of onion strings and a dozen of Chompie's signature Jewish sliders.

Each slider consists of brisket, potato latke, and jack cheese within a challah bun. Delicious indeed, the challenge presents contestants with a hefty plate of potential bragging rights. Chompie's very first winner was Ron Sirard from Phoenix, Arizona, who came to Chompie's with his family in tow. Since his victory, the wall of fame has continued to grow. Will you be next to turn the feast into fame?

Arkansas: Debbie's Burritos mega burrito challenge

Suppose you haven't heard of Brandon Da Garbage Disposal Clark. In that case, you haven't heard of one of the top competitive eater champions from Mississippi and the first competitor to dominate Debbie's mega burrito challenge successfully. Debbie's is a Tex-Mex food truck in Arkansas and the host of a challenge that begins with 15-inch tortillas. The tortillas are crafted into five grandiose burritos. Each burrito is stuffed with different meat, from steak to beef, to chicken, the contestant's choice of sauce (mild or spicy), and typical burrito fillings like sour cream, lettuce, and tomato. The contestant has one hour to complete the meal plus 32 ounces of soda.

Clark's journey is impressive, as he made exceptionally quick work of the apparently tasty burritos. The popularity of Debbie's is not lost on the uncompetitive diners, either. The business's Facebook page is filled with posts of the day's food selling out. We love to see a food truck business thriving.

California: SmokeEaters hellfire wing challenge

A popular destination for competitive eaters like Adam Richman of "Man vs. Food" Smoke Eaters in San Jose, California, is a hot spot for its popularity and its flavor. Their Hellfire Challenge lives in infamy among wing lovers everywhere and has taken down even the bravest of competitors. The challenge guidelines demand that every contestant must finish a full 12 wings in 10 minutes or less. The kicker is that each wing is coated in over 6 ounces of habanero chilis, which are hot as can be, and contestants are allowed no food, drink, or napkins to wipe off the burning sauce. The rules stipulate that you've got to lick your fingers clean. Brutal.

Over 9,000 people have dared to face the heat, and of those 9,000, only a handful have succeeded. Richman was one of the few, although his victory came at the cost of the most intense physical pain he had ever experienced. This is echoed by comments from others who undertook the challenge, who said, "I had the worst stomach cramps ever. I turned down milk/ice cream. My hands were paralyzed and had trouble holding the wings towards the end. I still have my shirt!"

Colorado: Aunt Alice's breakfast burrito

Bringing another burrito-based challenge to the forefront, Aunt Alice's of Longmont, Colorado, presents brave diners with the Big Daddy breakfast burrito. Made with a dozen eggs, a full pound of hashbrowns, a half pound of sausage gravy, a half pound of green chili, and tons of meat and cheese, the burrito is a force to be reckoned with.

With a time limit of one hour to complete the six-pound monstrosity, very few have tried and succeeded, with one manager claiming that of her 7 years at the business, she has only witnessed three people who could reach the finish line. If you're a burrito and breakfast fan, perhaps you could become one of the few and one of the full.

Connecticut: Bearwich challenge

Here's a riddle for you. What massive meal is made for the likes of grizzly bears and consumed by adventurous humans? If you guessed the Bearwich challenge from Bear's Smokehouse BBQ, then you're obviously gifted with telepathy. Based in Hartford, Connecticut, the Bearwich challenge is not for the faint of heart or the faint of stomachs. It is a sandwich as big as the table and is filled to the brim.

Two pounds of pulled pork, two pounds of brisket, and one pound of coleslaw, on top of one and a half loaves of Italian bread, all sit underneath a copious serving of grizzly ghost pepper bbq sauce. Oh, and don't forget the two pounds of mac and cheese that have to be eaten with it.

With a $100 deposit to secure their spot in the challenge, contestants have a measly 30 minutes to consume the Bearwich, with a five-minute waiting period after the last bite before they are permitted to flee, purge, or cry. While this is not a challenge for the majority of diners, if you feel your inner grizzly growling for a meal, Bear's Smokehouse is waiting.

Delaware: Jeff's big a** burger challenge

If you haven't been to Delaware, you may wonder what there is to do there. One activity that will surely leave a mark is the big a** burger challenge from Jeff's Taproom and Grille. Based in Bridgeville, the venue provides an enticing assortment of beers on tap and family-operated charm. They also offer a burger that, depending on your hometown, will rival your typical burger order.

Three cheeseburgers, two bacon-filled grilled cheeses, fried onions, pickles, lettuce, and tomato all make up the towering challenge of greasy goodness. Paired as a lovely side piece is one pound of crinkle-cut fries that can't be ignored. With only 30 minutes to finish the burger skyscraper plus fries, those that are successful will win a free meal, a T-shirt, and a coveted spot on the wall of fame — a worthy endeavor for those with a hefty appetite.

Florida: The stack attack

While many people visit Florida with plans to suck it all in for a beachfront vacation, a few visit with the intention of putting it all out there and pushing their stomachs to the limit. Such is the case with challengers of the Stack Attack, from Shula Burger in Tampa Bay.

Another towering burger, the Shula Burger, contains one delicious brioche bun, four Shula burger patties, four slices of bacon, two slices of American cheese, two slices of Swiss, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and gigantic onion rings. You can't forget the large portion of fries on the size and a glazed donut for dessert. Each individual has 48 ounces of food and must compete for the fastest time yet. Currently, the time to beat is four minutes and 48 seconds. So, good luck.

Georgia: Big pie in the sky's 30 carnivore challenge

There are few things as exciting as a giant pizza that could carry you away to pizza planet and to all of your cheese-filled dreams. While this pizza may not serve as a flying carpet, it does serve as a delicious challenge for the pizza fans out there. Based in Kennesaw, Georgia, Big Pie in the Sky Pizzeria provides an 11-pound meat-filled pizza, a time limit of one hour, and the option to work with a friend.

Their rules specify that you may not lose your lunch, and if you do, it is yours to clean up, which seems fair. You also have to stay glued to the seat for the duration of the challenge, so there are no sneaky bathroom breaks. Finally, if you succeed, you will be one of seven teams to beat the challenge and will earn endless bragging rights and a $150 cash prize. It seems like a win-win if you win.

Hawaii: Honolulu Burger Company King Kamehameha challenge

Oh, Hawaii. Home of gorgeous paradisal views, beaches, volcanoes, nature, and burgers to conquer? Honolulu Burger Co. provides 100% island-fed beef burgers and plenty of local produce. We love a locally-fueled restaurant, and Honolulu Burger Co. meets that mark, extending appeal to big-time eaters.

The Kamehameha Burger Challenge is a pay-to-play challenge worth $60. You have one hour to complete the burger, which towers to the forehead of most of its competitors. The burger contains eight patties and comes with your choice of bun and toppings. Paired with two pounds of fries, and a large milkshake, you can win a gift card and T-shirt if you win and can tell all of your friends how impressive you are.

Idaho: The Demon's Delight challenge

Beloved "Man vs. Food" competitor Casey Webb drew our attention to the Demon's Delight Challenge in Boise, Idaho. With a peaceful start at the Boise aquarium, Webb visited Superb Sushi, where he dove into the ghost-pepper-infused soup and sushi combination. With a record of only 2% of challengers finding success, Webb maintains his reliable optimism.

The miso soup is filled with fresh habaneros, wasabi, sriracha, death sauce, and cayenne pepper. Thankfully they didn't commune with actual demons, although that might have been preferable to the true contents of the blood sauce. Made of pure capsaicin and chili oil, it is 600 times hotter than a jalapeño and very likely more hellish than the supernatural alternative. The sushi roll is a bit tamer, with rice, fish eggs, cream cheese, spicy tuna, tempura shrimp, jalapeños, habaneros, and the death sauce on the side. Webb conquered the demonic meal and made it to the wall of flame. Will you be as successful?

Illinois: Lucky's deli sandwich challenge

There is something to be said for the joy of a scrumptious sandwich, so what could be better than three of them? If you find yourself in Chicago, Illinois, pay a visit to Lucky's Sandwich Company, and dive into the famous Deli Sandwich Challenge. With three 1½-pound, overstuffed sandwiches, you can choose your meats and enjoy the added tomato, cheese, coleslaw, and fries, which come smashed between generous slices of French bread.

Adam Richman of "Man vs. Food" conquered the challenge within the one-hour time limit. Are you up for the challenge?

Indiana: Schwätzer's schnitzel challenge

With a unique spin on traditionally-offered competitive food comes the Schnitzel Challenge from German restaurant, Schwätzer's. Based out of downtown Seymour, Indiana, the meal to face is a dish of over two pounds of schnitzel, a generous coating of mushroom gravy, and a double order of beer-battered fries with a dipping sauce of your choice.

Contestants have one hour to dig into the feast, and if you complete the contest in half of that time, you win special prizes and a free meal. Whether they come out conquerors or not, they honor the brave, so even if you attempt the challenge, you'll have a featured shout-out on their Facebook page.

Iowa: Adam Emmenecker challenge

Iowa is home to one of the largest state fairs in the United States and is famous for its offering of typical fair foods and indulgent snacks. It follows that local restaurants would jump onto the popular food bandwagon and offer challenges to entice their foodie-filled community. Des Moines is home to Jethro's BBQ, which hosts the Adam Emmenecker challenge. A challenge that Adam Richman of "Man vs. Food" attempted and lost. This meal is not for the weak. Randy Santel, another well-known competitor, took on his third attempt just one year ago.

Piled high, the Adam Emmenecker consists of a pork tenderloin and buffalo chicken tenders sandwich topped with fried cheese curds, Texas brisket, bacon, a full cheeseburger, a spicy pickle, and a pound of fries. Perhaps the most intense factor of all is the challenge's measly 15-minute time limit. If you eat at record speeds like Santel, maybe you can conquer this challenge and be one of the exceptions. His latest record is 14 minutes and 56 seconds.

Kansas: BBQ eating contest

One of the prominent competitive eating challenges in Kansas is the Big Kansas City BBQ Eating Contest. Held annually in Kansas City, this event brings together participants from all over to indulge in the ultimate BBQ feast. Contestants face off against each other, pushing their stomachs to the limit as they devour copious amounts of delicious Kansas City-style barbecue.

From ribs to brisket, pulled pork to burnt ends, the competitors battle it out to see who can consume the most in a given time frame. Spectators gather to witness the gastronomic spectacle, cheering on their favorite eaters while enjoying the lively atmosphere and mouth-watering aromas of the smoky barbecue. It's an event that showcases not only the competitive spirit but also the rich culinary heritage of Kansas City.

Kentucky: Jailhouse prisoner's pardon 12 lb pizza challenge

Prisoners on death row get a final meal, and competitive eaters at Jailhouse Pizza receive what they might wish would be their last meal. Weighing in at 12 pounds, the Prisoner's Pardon pizza is 30 inches and fully loaded with toppings, including pepperoni, sausage, bacon, salami, ham, meatballs, and cheese. The rules allow you and a hungry friend one hour to attack the massive pie, and if you win, you receive $200 cash, two T-shirts, a free pizza, and your name in the Jailhouse Hall of Fame.

Challengers nationwide have come out to visit the Jailhouse and indulge in the monstrous pie. Will you be among them?

Louisiana: Acme Oyster House 15 dozen club

How many oysters have you eaten in one sitting? Challengers of the 15-dozen club at the Acme Oyster House may have your record beat. In order to win the Louisiana-based contest, contestants have to slurp down a full 15 dozen oysters, which comes out to 180 oysters, in one hour.

So far, there have been only a few winners. The current record holder is Brad Sciullo of Uniontown, Pennsylvania. He took down 43 dozen, which comes out to 516 individual oysters. If you feel up to the 15-dozen challenge or feel compelled to take on Sciullo's current ranking, we wish you well. While the odds may not favor you in the challenge, the odds are in your favor to find a pearl, so that's something.

Maine: Hibernator challenge

The Hibernator Challenge at Sylvia's Café in Ellsworth, Maine, is an epic breakfast challenge that pushes even the most voracious eaters to their limits. Created by café owner Taylor Montigny, the Hibernator consists of a colossal meal equivalent to four breakfasts. It includes Sylvia's scrambler with eggs, cheese, and a choice of vegetables, bacon, ham, or sausage, topped with corned beef hash, two more eggs, and surrounded by bacon, sausage, and ham. Accompanying the meal is a stack of buttermilk pancakes and a biscuit. Brave participants have 30 minutes to devour the entire feast and win the challenge, earning a free meal, a T-shirt, and a spot on the restaurant's wall of fame. However, those who fail are left with a $30 bill and their photo on the wall of shame.

The Hibernator has become a memorable experience for both winners and losers. Inspired by television food shows like "Man v. Food," Montigny named the challenge after participants' tendency to take a nap after consuming an exceptionally massive meal. While some conquer the Hibernator with determination, others hit a wall and can't proceed further. The challenge has attracted 62 participants so far, with 38 succeeding and 24 failing. Are you up for it?

Maryland: El toro grande burrito challenge

It seems that burritos are a popular food challenge focus, and it's no wonder, with their unlimited range of food-filled possibilities. The restaurant Blue Agave in Baltimore jumped on this bandwagon with their El Toro Grande Burrito Challenge, which is a burrito demanding respect, and possibly fear.

A two-foot-long burrito, the El Toro Grande is filled to the brim with rice, beans, sour cream, cheese, and various meats. It weighs five pounds, and competitors must consume it within 30 minutes to be considered a success. Photos of this challenge are jaw-dropping, as the burrito easily overtakes the size of every contestant's head that we've seen so far. If you're up for a delicious, deviously huge burrito, Blue Agave is there for you.

Massachusetts: 10-gallon burger challenge

Clyde's Grill and Bar in Massachusetts presents contestants with their 10-gallon burger challenge, which has yielded a handful of wins. A post from 2020 allowed contestants to share their own success stories and showed the rest of us a glimpse into the true battle that this burger provides.

The burger is gigantic, served on a hefty roll, and topped with all of the typical burger fixings (lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and pickles), plus a heaping ladle full of chili and a full plate of fries. It looks and sounds delicious, despite being monstrous in size. With 30 minutes to eat everything they are given, successful contestants win a social media shout-out and their faces on the restaurant's TV screen. It sounds like reasonable bragging rights for conquering such a loaded burger.

Michigan: The DC challenge

With a shift from burgers to their cookout counterparts, we enter the land of hot dogs through the provision of Dog Central in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. There are a few ways to win at Dog Central. Contestants can eat the most hot dogs on record in two hours, the most hot dogs on record in 30 minutes, or complete the ghost chili challenge, consisting of three hot dogs smothered in ghost pepper chili. Alternatively, if your goal is to be on the wall of fame, you need only to eat eight hotdogs covered in chili and one topping. So, plenty of ways to succeed! To reach maximum levels of competitor success, contestants can take on the official DC Challenge. Within 25 minutes or less, you must eat three footlong hot dogs covered in chili and two additional toppings of your choice. Additionally, you have to finish off the pile of french fries, a tower of onion rings, and a 20-ounce drink. Are you up for it?

Minnesota: The barbarian

Early birds and breakfast lovers unite. This one is catered to you and your cravings for a morning feast that will leave you full all day long. The Nicollet Diner in Minneapolis, Minnesota, hosts the Barbarian Pancake Breakfast challenge that lives up to its name. So much so that well-known competitive eater Randy Santel couldn't quite finish it.

The base of The Barbarian is an enormous pancake covered with six eggs, six pieces of bacon, four sausage patties, two pieces of ham, a hefty helping of hash browns, and the contestant's choice of toast or an English muffin. With one hour to finish the bodacious breakfast, competitors have the chance to win the meal for free, plus a commemorative T-shirt. Nicollet's is known for their great food and hospitality, so you can still enjoy your visit even if you aren't feeling barbarous.

Mississippi: Watermelon for all

Summertime is not complete without a juicy slice of watermelon. As a legendary cookout dessert, watermelon has a strong hold on individuals across the United States, particularly in Mississippi. The current world record holder, Water Valley, Mississippi, has reached the impressive title for the largest watermelon-eating contest worldwide.

In 2018, the contest involved 259 participants. With a goal of doubling that, contest organizer Tonya Eubanks far exceeded what they imagined would be possible. The 2019 contest had 745 competitors gulping down watermelon at once, creating a sight that had never been seen before. The goal of the contest is to eat your portion of watermelon faster than anyone else while everyone receives the same portion. The Water Valley event planners meticulously planned every detail leading up to their world record and hope to keep the numbers growing over the years.

Missouri: 5 malt challenge

Keeping the nostalgia and refreshment in summer, Crown Candy Kitchen of St. Louis, Missouri, provides ice cream lovers with a five-malt challenge. Competitors are tasked with ordering five malts or shakes at once and finishing them in the time span of 30 minutes. The rules forbid throwing up, going to the bathroom mid-challenge, or accepting help from others. If you can make it through all five beverages in accordance with their rules, you can win a bill of zero dollars, a t-shirt, and your name on the wall of winners. As their website specifies, belly aches and brain freezes are also complementary.

Montana: 78 ounce steak challenge

Carnivores and meat lovers, if you haven't visited Montana, then you are missing out on a valuable chance to prove your life's meaty meaning. Bull Mountain Grille in Billings, Montana, hosts the 78-ounce steak challenge. "Man vs. Food" has covered this challenge, and many others have attempted it as well.

You start out with a 78-ounce ribeye, which is just a bit under five pounds of beef, marbling included. Paired with the steak, contestants feast upon a mountain of loaded mashed potatoes, a garden salad with all of the fixings, and a famous Bull Mountain dinner roll. In an appropriate foodie ruling, the steak may not be cooked over a medium temperature, and we wouldn't have it any other way. If you can finish the meaty marvel in one hour, you get the meal for free and a feature on their wall of fame. Meat lovers, we believe in you.

Nebraska: The Stellanator

Burgers everywhere, and far too much to eat. The Stellanator in Bellevue, Nebraska, takes the realm of burger challenges to a new level for locals and out-of-towners alike. Stella's Bar and Grille serves up six burger patties, six fried eggs, six slices of cheese, 12 strips of bacon, lettuce, tomato, fried onions, pickles, jalapeños, peanut butter, a massive bun, and a bucket of fries, which all contribute to the Stellanator. This burger of truly intimidating presence can win you a shirt, a feature on the wall of fame, and a free meal ticket. Those who can't conquer it owe $55 but receive a free stomach ache for the road.

The current reigning champion is Molly Schuyler, the official queen of burgers, who defeated the Stellanator for the third time in 2014 in a shocking three minutes and 40 seconds. We can all agree that Schuyler is truly amazing and an inspiration to competitive eaters everywhere.

Nevada: Quadruple bypass burger

A heart attack on a bun, the Quadruple Bypass Burger from the aptly named Heart Attack Grill is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Challengers receive a stylish hospital gown from their server. They are warned that failure to complete the burger will result in a spanking. American healthcare gets stranger and stranger, doesn't it? Of course, if they do complete the burger, they get a relaxing wheelchair ride out at the end.

Funnily enough, the owner of Heart Attack Grill used to work in the weight loss industry and decided to go in the totally opposite direction by opening the famously unhealthy restaurant and creating its scary burgers. The quadruple bypass is cooked in lard and is famously unhealthy, with 20,000 calories. It consists of four half-pound burgers that are topped with piles of caramelized onions, eight cheese slices, and sauces. Contestants can also add on fries and a milkshake if they choose, which boosts the caloric count by an additional 12,410 calories. It should be noted that every element is cooked in lard, just in case you were worried about it being too healthy.

New Hampshire: Lobster roll eating contest

For competitive eaters with a slightly more refined palette, there are also challenges out there that involve the delicacy of lobster. Such is the case in New Hampshire at the Hampton Beach Seafood Festival, which involves an annual lobster roll eating contest. The goal is to eat the largest quantity of lobster rolls in the shortest amount of time and to win a fetching lobster claw hat. What could be more enticing?

Winner of the 2021 contest, Manny Cambra, devoured 22 rolls in just 10 minutes and won $600 to shop for accessories for his new hat. There was a tie at the 2022 contest, with Molly Schuyler and Dan Killer Kennedy sharing the first-place honors. If you've been paying attention, then yes, that is the same Molly who conquered the Stellanator. It's a small world, isn't it?

New Jersey: Pork roll eating championship

Roll on up to River Fest this year, and partake in New Jersey's traditional pork roll-eating championship. In case you aren't from around those parts, a pork roll is similar to a slice of bologna and is essentially a slice of processed pork with seasonings. The River Fest eating contest presents these pork rolls on buns with traditional toppings like cheese, lettuce, and mayonnaise.

The contest in 2022 brought a few big names out, including Geoffrey Esper, from Massachusetts, who is known as one of the world's top eaters. He managed to get down 44 pork roll sandwiches in 10 minutes, which granted him the crown and belt of champion status. Whether he could still fit into the belt afterward is not mentioned.

New Mexico: The Travis

If you have a favorite meal that your grandma used to make, you might enjoy a visit to New Mexico, where Grandma Warner's K & I Diner serves up an eating contest with a seemingly innocent name – The Travis. The Travis challenge is an epic eating feat that showcases the diner's retro atmosphere and commitment to New Mexican cuisine. The challenge revolves around an enormous 8-pound burrito called The Travis. 

This monstrous creation is packed with beef, beans, cheese, chile, and a mountain of homemade french fries. Served on a silver platter, the burrito is a sight to behold, hidden beneath a tantalizing pile of crispy fries. Over the span of more than 40 years, only two individuals have managed to conquer this outrageous burrito challenge, making it a formidable task even for the most determined eaters.

The Travis burrito gained further recognition when it was featured on "Man Vs. Food," where none of the contestants could complete the challenge. The legend goes that the burrito was born when a customer requested a burrito with everything except the kitchen sink, resulting in a creation that truly lived up to the description. The success of The Travis led the diner to create other dishes topped with fries, and you can partake in less intimidating feats if you choose to pay a visit.

New York: Kenka's jumbo curry challenge

Competitive eater Randy Santel is back again and visited the Japanese restaurant Kenka's in New York to indulge in the jumbo curry challenge. Consisting of four and a half pounds of delicious curry and three pounds of rice, the jumbo curry challenge is a unique offering for competitive eaters. Contestants have to finish the full plate in 20 minutes, and if they succeed, they can win a snazzy shirt and wall of fame bragging rights. Santel was successful with a time of six minutes and 58 seconds. Kenka's is there for you if you're seeking a Japanese-style challenge.

North Carolina: Pickle eating contest

Pickle lovers, read closely. North Carolina has just the challenge for you, with their annual pickle-eating contest held in Mount Olive, North Carolina. Award-winning, this contest comes with a day of festive fun, live music, and copious amounts of pickles.

Contestants must register ahead of time to partake and can win by out-eating the other 23 contestants. Every contestant receives a tray of Mt. Olive whole kosher dill pickles and gets five minutes to chow down. They nominate a male and female winner each year, based on the number of pickles eaten, and winners receive a trophy and $100 in cash. All of you pickle people out there can enjoy this festival as a competitor or as an attendee.

North Dakota: The Boss HOG challenge

The Boss HOG challenge in North Dakota is an ultimate test of appetite and teamwork that revolves around conquering a gargantuan 28-inch pizza within a strict one-hour time limit. Designed for teams of two, the challenge can also be attempted solo for those who dare to take on this epic feat alone. The rules stipulate that participants must choose three toppings for their mammoth pizza, with a requirement of at least two meat-based toppings.

Undertaking the Boss HOG challenge requires a voracious appetite and unwavering determination. Contestants must abide by challenging rules, including no vomiting, bathroom breaks, and no leaving the table until the task is completed. It tests both physical endurance and mental fortitude, pushing participants to their limits.

Those who successfully triumph over the Boss HOG challenge are not only rewarded with the satisfaction of conquering the massive pizza, but they also receive the prestigious title of winners, along with The Boss HOG pizza itself and an additional $200 in gift certificates. However, failure to complete the challenge within the time limit comes with a cost, as participants will be required to pay for The Boss HOG pizza, which typically costs around $60, depending on the chosen toppings.

Ohio: Nathan's hot dog eating competition

The Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest is making its return to the Cleveland, Ohio area with a qualifier event at the Berea's National Rib Cook-Off & Beer Fest on Saturday, May 27th. This qualifier presents a golden opportunity for participants to secure a seat at the coveted Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating contest, which is widely recognized as the pinnacle of competitive eating.

Competitors will battle it out for the top spots, with the leading male and female contestants earning the privilege of representing their talents on the grand stage of the July 4th championship. The contest will be held at the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds in Berea, Ohio, and will feature a live show of hot dog eating at rapid speed. If you have what it takes to challenge the reigning World Champions and make your mark in the annals of competitive eating history, this is your moment to step up to the table. Don't miss the chance to showcase your eating prowess and vie for a chance to be part of this iconic event. Registration for the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest qualifier is open.

Oklahoma: Chicken fry challenge

Are you ready to take on the Chicken Fry Challenge at Kendall's Restaurant in Ohio? This entertaining and delicious challenge originated in 2003, but it gained significant popularity around 2012 with the rise of Food Challenge TV shows and the impact of social media. Since then, thousands of brave individuals have attempted the challenge, resulting in approximately 103 successful wins. The current record for completing the challenge stands at an impressive 8 minutes and 3 seconds, jointly held by Molly Schuyler and Dan Killer Kennedy.

The challenge itself consists of devouring three Original Chicken Fried Steaks, accompanied by two scoops of mashed potatoes or fries, a side salad, two servings of green beans, a biscuit, and two mouth-watering cinnamon rolls. To claim victory, you must conquer this feast within a one-hour time limit, starting as soon as you cut into your food or take your first bite. Dunking your food and standing during the challenge are allowed strategies to assist you in your quest. Successfully completing the Chicken Fry Challenge comes with well-deserved rewards, including a free meal that satisfies your cravings and a complimentary T-shirt to commemorate your triumph. So, gather your courage, sharpen your appetite, and embrace the challenge that awaits you in Ohio's Chicken Fry Challenge.

Oregon: Alice's 9lb challenge burger

Prepare yourself for the epic Alice's 9lb challenge burger in Oregon, a legendary culinary battle that has remained undefeated until now. YouTubers and competitive eaters from all over have approached Alice's Country House's massive 9lb challenge burger with the drive to succeed. Featuring a colossal two-pound Tillamook beef patty topped with cheese, fresh tomatoes, lettuce, raw onions, and special sauce, all nestled between enormous 12" buns, this meal is a force to be reckoned with. As if that wasn't enough, it also comes with a staggering 3 pounds of golden, crispy french fries.

With a daunting one-hour time limit, this challenge has proven insurmountable in the past, earning its reputation as a true test of culinary prowess. Is it a challenge you feel compelled to take on?

Pennsylvania: Cheesesteak challenge

Get ready to test your mettle with the Pudge's Steaks Cheesesteak challenge. Are you up for it? If so, sign the waiver, and chow down. This challenge is not for the faint of heart, but if you have what it takes, you could be the next champion. The challenge consists of devouring a massive 20-inch Cheesesteak loaded with a whopping 2 pounds of steak. That's a serious amount of mouthwatering meat to conquer. But that's not all — to add to the intensity, you'll also face the Fry Tray, which includes a staggering five orders of fries. This challenge is not just about the cheesesteak; it's a feast that tests your appetite, determination, and love for all things delicious.

To quench your thirst during this epic gastronomic endeavor, you'll receive a refreshing fountain drink, which is the perfect accompaniment to help you power through this ultimate food challenge. Will you rise to the occasion and become the next champion of the Pudge's Steaks Cheesesteak challenge? Make your way to the challenge, give it your all, and see if you can claim the jackpot and become a true culinary conqueror.

Rhode Island: Wholly cow and pig burger

Prepare yourself for the Wholly Cow and Pig Burger challenge at Portsmouth Publick House in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. This culinary showdown is not for the faint of heart and promises an intense flavor-packed experience. The challenge centers around a towering creation that will test both your appetite and speed. It features four slices of sourdough bread, each layered with Swiss and provolone cheese, forming the foundation for an epic combination of flavors. On top of this cheesy base, you'll find a juicy hamburger patty cooked to perfection. But that's not all — the burger is taken to the next level with the addition of beer-braised wild boar shoulder, chouriço, succulent porketta, tangy coleslaw, a generous portion of fries, and a drizzle of mouthwatering BBQ sauce.

To conquer the Wholly Cow and Pig Burger challenge, you have a limited time frame of just 18 minutes. This means you'll need to indulge in this meaty masterpiece with both speed and gusto. If you're up for the challenge and ready to take on the flavors of Rhode Island, head to Portsmouth Publick House and put your taste buds and eating skills to the test. Can you conquer the Wholly Cow and Pig Burger, or will this behemoth meal leave you in awe? The choice is yours, and the clock is ticking.

South Carolina: Seppuku spicy sushi challenge

Get ready to test your taste buds and spice tolerance with the Bushido Seppuku Spicy Sushi Challenge in South Carolina. This fiery gastronomic adventure has met "Man vs. Food" expert Adam Richman and comes with a set of rules that add to the intensity of the experience. Challengers must be at least 18 years old or have a parent or legal guardian sign a waiver on their behalf. They must also understand the seriousness of the challenge, as it can administer a punishing level of spice. No shortcuts or aid in reducing the heat are allowed, including drinking milk or dipping the sushi in white sauce. The rolls must be eaten in order from 1 to 10, with no substitutions or alterations permitted.

The deadline is strictly enforced, with one hour to complete the journey through the 10 levels of spiciness. The reward for those who successfully endure the challenge is the esteemed title of legend. Legends receive a Bushido headband, their picture displayed on the ledger of legends, and an ongoing reward of a complimentary chef's choice appetizer whenever they visit Bushido while proudly wearing their headband. If you're up for the ultimate test of spice and endurance, make a reservation and embark on the perilous journey of the Bushido Seppuku Spicy Sushi Challenge. Will you become a legend and conquer the fiery rolls, or will the heat prove too much to handle? The choice is yours, but only the brave and resilient will emerge victorious.

South Dakota: Gorilla dumpster challenge

In the world of competitive eating, the Gorilla Dumpster Challenge at Urban Chislic in South Dakota is a legendary feat that only a few have conquered. The challenge entails devouring a massive platter within an hour, consisting of 100 ounces of beef, lamb, chicken, and pork chislic, accompanied by double orders of kettle chips, cheese curds, and fries, along with eight sauces to add to the flavor extravaganza. Randy Santel became the first winner of the Gorilla Dumpster Challenge and impressed a crowd of eager spectators. With his undefeated reputation on the line, he delved into the mountainous platter of deep-fried meat bites. He finished in 50 minutes and 47 seconds and held onto victory for a short time.

Soon, Santel's victory was stolen by Ridge Lindberg from Watertown, who emerged as the new champion. Lindberg devoured the Gorilla Dumpster in an astonishing 27 minutes and 25 seconds, almost half the time it took Santel. This remarkable feat earned Lindberg the honor of conquering the challenge, a hat, and a gift card as a reward. Lindberg's achievement solidifies his place among the elite few who have successfully tackled the Gorilla Dumpster Challenge at Urban Chislic. The eatery, known for its appearance on "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" and its reputation for defeating many challengers, has found a new victor in Lindberg. As the second person to conquer this monumental eating endeavor, he now holds a place in the annals of Urban Chislic's storied history.

Tennessee: Death row challenge

The Death Row Challenge at Big Shake's Hot Chicken & Fish in Franklin, Tennessee, is not for the mild-mannered or those with mild palettes. Renowned for their mouth-burning hot chicken, this challenge has caught the attention of food enthusiasts and even television personalities like Casey Webb from "Man vs. Food." Scheduled to be featured on the Travel Channel, the Death Row Challenge pushes participants to their spicy limits. The objective is to consume an extremely hot chicken meal within a mere 10-minute time frame. Successfully completing the challenge rewards participants with $25 and the honor of having their picture proudly displayed on the wall alongside other triumphant challengers.

The level of heat in the chicken is so intense that participants must sign a release form before taking on the fiery endeavor. This precautionary measure highlights the seriousness and intensity of the challenge. The combination of intense flavors and scorching spices makes for an unforgettable and potentially mouth-numbing experience. For those brave enough to take on the Death Row Challenge, the opportunity to test their taste buds and endurance awaits at Big Shake's Hot Chicken & Fish. It's an experience that combines the thrill of heat, the satisfaction of victory, and the chance to be immortalized on the restaurant's wall of champions.

Texas: The chupacabra challenge

The elusive and spooky chupacabra cryptid is well-known around Texas. It has seemingly made its way into The Taproom in San Marcos, Texas, which presents the ultimate culinary test with the Chupacabra Challenge. Can you conquer a full rack of ribs, 24 nuclear wings, a works pounder burger, a basket of fries, and a basket of onion rings in just 45 minutes?

If you have the appetite and determination, finishing this massive feast earns you a Chupacabra Challenge T-shirt and the satisfaction of having your meal on the house. This is a challenge almost more terrifying than the chupacabra itself. Are you ready to take on this legendary challenge and become a true Chupacabra champion?

Utah: The snowbird bratwurst eating championship

Get ready for an epic display of gastronomic prowess at the Snowbird Bratwurst Eating Contest in Utah. Taking place during the 47th Snowbird Oktoberfest on Saturday, August 24, this event is no ordinary eating challenge. It is an official Major League Eating competition, attracting skilled eaters from across the United States.

Competitors, both seasoned Major League Eating stars and local amateurs, will gather to vie for a chance at the $4,000 cash purse and, of course, the honor of devouring copious amounts of mouthwatering bratwurst. With a time limit of 10 minutes, these brave eaters will attempt to break the world record of 34 bratwursts set by Gideon Oji in 2017. Registration is now open, offering a select few local competitive eaters the opportunity to join the heavyweight contenders and compete for glory. If you have what it takes to conquer mountains of bratwurst, sign up today for your shot at the top prize of $2,000. Second, third, fourth, and fifth-place finishers will also be rewarded handsomely, making this contest a thrilling battle of both skill and appetite. Don't miss the chance to witness the incredible feats of these competitive eaters as they chomp their way to victory.

Vermont: Dozer burger challenge

Prepare yourself for the ultimate burger challenge at Rozzi's Lakeshore Tavern in Vermont. Take on the mighty Dozer Burger, a monstrous creation featuring a 2 lb. patty, 8 slices of bacon, and 4 slices of cheese, all packed into a mini boule roll. If you can conquer this colossal burger in under 30 minutes, you'll earn a free T-shirt and a coveted spot on the Dozer wall of fame.

But that's not all Rozzi's Lakeshore Tavern has to offer. They are also home to the intense Rozzi's Reaper Wing Challenge. If you can handle the heat, you can consume 12 Rozzi Reaper Wings in just 12 minutes, and you'll not only receive a Reaper Wing Challenge T-Shirt but also have your name forever immortalized on the Reaper Wing Hall of Fame. However, if you fail to complete the challenge, brace yourself for a spot on the notorious Wall of Shame. Are you up for the double challenge of the Dozer Burger and the Reaper Wings? Show your mettle and earn your place among the brave and victorious.

Virginia: Benny's challenge

Calling all food warriors in Virginia to prepare yourself for the Benny's Challenge, which is the ultimate pizza-eating showdown. For $40, you can partake in this epic pizza-eating battle. Here are the rules: the challenge is open to individuals aged 18 and older, with the consent of a guardian for those under 18. Previous winners are not eligible for a second round. The clock starts as soon as you touch the pizza, and bathroom breaks are off-limits. Feel free to fuel yourself with any beverage of your choice, be it soda, water, or even beer.

But beware, disqualification looms for those who start before the signal, vomit on the premises, share pizza or crust, cheat, or falsely claim amateur status, which requires a formal, 3-day review by Benny's. However, the rewards are great for those who conquer Benny's Challenge. You'll receive a check for $280 or $100 for professionals, a coveted Benny's Challenge T-Shirt while supplies last, your picture posted on the website and in the store, and everlasting bragging rights. Do you have what it takes to conquer Benny's Challenge and become a pizza-eating legend?

Washington: Annual burger eating contest

In a thrilling display of competitive eating prowess, Molly Schuyler shared the crown at Washington's Annual Independence Burger Eating Championship. Schuyler and her counterpart devoured a jaw-dropping 34 burgers each in a mere 10 minutes. Despite falling just short of her record of 35, Schuyler's impressive feat solidified her status as one of the top professional eaters in the United States.

A total of 14 competitors, including renowned professional eaters and local contestants, battled it out for a prize pool totaling $4,350, with the grand prize amounting to $1,750 in cash. Following the intense devouring session, participants endured an additional two minutes for the judges to ensure the vast quantities of food remained in their stomachs.

The event, witnessed by a small yet enthusiastic crowd, has become an annual spectacle, attracting spectators eager to witness the astonishing eating abilities on display. As a fitting finale, the victors posed for the media, proudly displaying their shared trophy and sporting champion's belts around their waists.

West Virginia: Pepperoni roll eating world championship

Fairmont, West Virginia, provides an intense display of competitive eating with its world championship pepperoni roll eating contest. Originating as a lunch option for coal miners in north-central West Virginia, the classic Pepperoni Roll consists of a soft yeast bread roll with pepperoni baked inside. The event, sanctioned by Major League Eating, attracts recreational and professional eaters who vie for glory, money, and an abundance of pepperoni rolls.

The 2019 edition witnessed Joey Chestnut's record-breaking performance, where he devoured a staggering 43 pepperoni rolls in the allocated time, surpassing former record-holder Geoffrey Esper and securing his place in competitive eating history. The West Virginia Three Rivers Festival, now in its 41st year, hosts this thrilling event, which has become a highlight of the festival. The Pepperoni Roll Eating World Championship allows competitors and spectators to experience the excitement and spectacle of this unique culinary challenge.

Wisconsin: 22.5 pounds of prime rib

Milwaukee and Delafield are home to Ward's House of Prime's renowned Prime Rib Challenge. Participants have the daunting task of ordering jumbo cuts of prime rib, named after previous winners, ranging from the 40 oz. Baby Dane to the whopping 168 oz. Awesome Fat. Alternatively, ordering a custom cut 8 oz. larger than the largest available will result in the cut being named after the challenger.

The reward for conquering this meaty feat includes having a caricature displayed on the illustrious wall of fame, a sense of satisfaction, and potentially having a jumbo cut named in their honor. The current record stands at a staggering 22.5 pounds or 360 ounces, accomplished by the remarkable Molly Schuyler within an hour and a half. Molly described the experience as the tastiest food challenge she's ever encountered, expressing her appetite even more if only the meat hadn't run out. Ward's House of Prime's Prime Rib Challenge offers a delicious and formidable test for those seeking gastronomic glory.

Wyoming: Jalapeño eating contest

Laramie Jubilee Days in Wyoming is an annual celebration of the Western lifestyle that takes place every summer. Originally starting as a horse race in 1940 to commemorate Wyoming Statehood Day, this event has grown into Wyoming's Hometown Celebration and has extended to include an annual jalapeño eating contest that has brought extra heat into the summer.

Contestants receive three minutes, a cup of milk, a few tortillas, and a massive bowl of fresh and thick jalapeños to bite into as they race their fellow competitors. The 2022 crown was won by Wayne Oakland, from Laramie, Wyoming, who ate nine jalapeños in the three minute time frame. If you are a spicy contestant, head to Wyoming to join this year's contest and see if you can beat Oakland's record.