America's Favorite Drunchie Fast Food Actually Isn't McDonald's

Chances are, if you've ever overindulged in alcoholic beverages on a night out, you may have found yourself with the drunchies (that's drunk + munchies, AKA the drunk munchies). Upon finding yourself in this position, we'd be willing to bet you didn't crave apples, spinach, or anything remotely similar; you probably had a hankering for something greasy. As a University of North Carolina at Greensboro professor, William Gruchow, explained to Popular Science, booze makes your brain release the chemical galanin, which makes people want to consume fat. That's part of what makes fast food such a quintessential go-to for folks with the drunchies. It tastes amazing at the time regardless of what awaits your stomach in the morning.

As of 2022, McDonald's boasts the most system-wide sales of any fast food chain in the U.S., so one might imagine it's the biggest magnet for drunk customers. But if you think it's clearly the most popular pick for drunchie fast food in the country, you'd be wrong. Per a survey conducted by, intoxicated Americans looking to get their drunchies on most often head to Taco Bell. So instead of just giving in to Big Mac attacks, it appears their cravings include items like cheap tacos, burritos, nachos, and quesadillas.

Americans with the drunchies crave Taco Bell

The findings don't mean the most popular drunchie food overall has to come from a Tex-Mex giant, however. The Online-Casinos survey found Americans most often gravitate toward burgers when choosing a drunk meal, but when it comes to choosing a fast food destination, they head to Taco Bell. Another survey conducted by OnePoll and B*tchin' Sauce also noted that drunk Americans certainly like their Mexican-inspired meals, with 49% of respondents saying they find themselves craving nachos when intoxicated and 44% opting for tacos (via New York Post).

Some TikTokers also seem to agree that Taco Bell is often the most coveted drunchie fast food. User Yucking | Food & Travel asked passersby on the street what their favorite drunk food was, and one enthusiastic person answered, "I love Taco Bell. Taco Bell number one!" TikTok user Becks ranked the chain as number one on their list of the "4 Best Drunk Foods," stating, "Taco Bell is an obvious option if you're completely hammered. It's cheap, delicious ... Maybe you had a horrible night ... nothing a Crunchwrap Supreme and some Cinnabon Delights can't fix."