There Is A Perfect Pan Size To Cook Eggs In

Cooking the perfect egg is highly underrated. Not only do you need fresh eggs, solid technique, and time, but you also need the right-sized pan. When choosing a pan, the Goldilocks effect applies. If the pan is too small, the eggs may cook unevenly and be difficult to flip. If the pan is too large, the eggs may spread too thin and get overcooked.

The best size pan depends on how you cook the eggs and how many eggs you plan to use. If frying an egg over easy, using a 5-inch frying pan is your best bet. However, when frying two eggs, aim for an 8-inch pan. Three or four eggs will cook best in a 12-inch pan.

While that guideline works well for fried eggs, other preparation methods vary. For omelets, an 8-inch pan will work best for two or three eggs. You'll want space to fold the omelet, but you don't want to ruin the texture by letting the egg spread too thin. If you are making a larger one for a family brunch, a 10-inch pan can accommodate a five or six-egg omelet. Although the principles remain the same, the specific pan size may vary depending on whether you plan on making a frittata, scrambled eggs, or any other egg dish. It helps to consider the preparation technique when making this decision to ensure you cook the perfect egg — or eggs — every time.  

Pan size matters for different egg cooking methods

If scrambled eggs are your go-to, reach for a 5-inch pan to cook one egg for yourself. If you are making eggs for yourself and a friend, try an 8-inch pan to scramble two or three eggs or even a 10-inch pan for four to seven eggs. Doing this allows the scrambled egg mixture to spread the right amount to maintain a fluffy texture and gives you enough room to work your spatula magic.

For making a frittata, follow these tips to choose the right pan: Grab an 8-inch skillet for a small two-egg frittata, a 10-inch skillet for a medium frittata containing between four and eight eggs, or a larger 12-inch skillet for ten eggs. If this seems similar to the advice for cooking an omelet, that is due to similarities in cooking technique and its need to cook slowly over a lower heat.

If you are unsure about the right size pan to use, you could try looking up a recipe since recipes for egg dishes often mention which type and size of pan to use. However, if you want to raise your egg game, check out our guide to solving the most common mistakes everyone makes cooking eggs.