DoorDash's American Pie Reunion Ad Takes Us Way, Way Back

Remember the best summer of your life? Jason Biggs and Seann William Scott of "American Pie" fame certainly do, or so they think. The dynamic duo (who played Jim and Stifler respectively) pairs up in a new DoorDash ad promoting the delivery service's Summer of DashPass. Of course, when "American Pie" reached the big screen in 1999, Jim couldn't use DoorDash because it wouldn't exist for another 14 years. Foodies who recall those days may know that options like the online pizza delivery service CyberSlice (later known as existed but pizza wasn't the kind of pie Jim was interested in back then.

As Biggs states in the commercial, given DoorDash's new promotion, "This is going to be the best summer ever," beating even, yes, that summer. The ad certainly takes us back to the days when "American Pie" was released, conjuring images of Biggs' and Scott's characters lighting up the screen with their unique personalities and witty banter.

In the commercial, Biggs answers the door to retrieve his delivery and Scott suddenly pops up behind the delivery man, reminding Biggs of their epic summers of years past, and, in true Stifler – his character in "American Pie" – style, Scott's lines are full of sexual innuendos. Scott notes the party behind Biggs and invites himself to join carrying in the delivery bag and voicing intentions of "wak[ing] this party up!" (via YouTube).

The actors are also hungry for a piece of memory pie

Jason Biggs and Seann William Scott were excited to work on the commercial together with Biggs telling People, "Whenever we get back together, it is like we never missed a beat. Seann and I have that really incredible back and forth with each other." Biggs also said the nostalgia for the summers they filmed the "American Pie" movies is real. "It was like summer camp for us, we would all get together and just have the best time of our lives," he recalled. However, if DoorDash has its way, viewers will not only remember the past but want to make new memories with food.

As for the DashPass promotion, it runs from June 15 until July 19. It offers benefits and discounts to DashPass holders, who are already entitled to $0 delivery fees. Deals vary by week and about 200,000 retailers and restaurants are taking part. Some deals include $5 off $30 at Jack in the Box, $20 off $50 at Aldi when you purchase an Aldi Find, free Slurpees at 7-Eleven when you spend $5, and even $10 off $20 during certain daytime hours at Starbucks (via press release from DoorDash).