Aldi Shoppers Are Sprinting To Get Califia Farms' Limited Edition S'mores Creamer

Aldi's selection of coffee creamers includes French vanilla and hazelnut flavors from its Barissimo brand, as well as almond milk options that include vanilla and caramel. Also available are Friendly Farms' creamers in original and other assorted flavors. Now, Aldi has added a new, limited-edition coffee creamer to its summer lineup: the Califia Farms Campfire S'mores Oat Creamer.

Aldi shoppers are excited about the release of the Califia Farms s'mores oat creamer, at least if Instagram has anything to say about it. User @adventuresinaldi featured a pic of the creamer in one of their recent posts, calling it a "10/10," then continuing on, "You MUST grab this at Aldi this week!!" User @camied2 took to the comments to share their remorse about not buying the creamer sooner, writing, "I almost bought this yesterday! Now I'll have to go back! Lol." And Instagram user @leenybeanyfofeeny commented, "Omg RUNNING to get this."

Aldi's newest creamer will have you asking for some more

Per a press release obtained by Mashed, the creamer is made from gluten-free oats and is dairy-free. It's meant to remind consumers of s'mores made around a summer campfire with flavors of marshmallow, chocolate, and graham crackers. The creamer can be used in both hot and iced coffee or even to make a latte.

In addition to its other creamers — both plant- or nut-based and dairy-based — Califia Farms also produces and sells plant-based milks , cold brew coffees, and flavored lattes , as well as pumpkin spice-flavored goodies and coffee-centric items for the holiday season.

Although the product's availability and prices vary by store, Califia Farms' vanilla-flavored oat creamer is currently available at Aldi. If you find Aldi is out of the s'mores oat creamer, try heading to Kroger, Sprouts, or Whole Foods, where it is also being sold.