Jeff Bezos Grossly Overspent On An Already Expensive Bottle Of Wine

We'd never accuse Jeff Bezos of living outside of his means, because it's basically impossible for the mega-billionaire. But we will happily judge him for spending his money hoard poorly. Shortly after getting engaged to his now-fiancé on his $500 million superyacht off the coast of Cannes, Bezos took his betrothed to La Petite Maison, a French Mediterranean franchise restaurant, where they enjoyed a bottle of Dugat-Py Grand Cru wine from Domaine Bernard for a cool $4,285. 

Hey, what's $4,285 to a literal billionaire, you ask? It's nothing. But what we can't get over is that this wine is worth far, far less than that, by a few thousand dollars. Not to say it's a cheap bottle by any means — a 2015, the same one that Bezos drank, is available for €525.00 from a third-party site. And we are aware that every restaurant wine list presents a considerable markup, but this is truly next level. 

Would you like a roast with that wine?

On May 29, it was reported by many of the major tabloids that the couple had gotten engaged and imbibed in the $4,000 bottle. The Instagram account for the wine shop Parcelle Wines posted a cheeky image of the tabloid and the bottle, with the caption reading, "Wine fact of the day: Bezos knows less than you and got mega ripped off in France." Naturally, a roast of Bezos ensued across all social media platforms. 

Some noted that his ultra-wealth made this barely a blip in terms of his spending, with one user saying, "Oh no, he may have to go without another bottle for a few seconds until he earns that money back." Another wrote, "I would be offended if [you] only spent $4k on engagement wine. like I'm not worth more than 0.0000004% of [your] income." Ultimately, one Instagram user said it best, stating, "I feel like he can take the hit." Bezos will likely recover from being swindled on this bottle.