The Best Way To Enjoy Turkey Outside Of Thanksgiving, According To Kevin O'Leary - Exclusive

Turkey isn't necessarily considered an everyday food. Outside of the cold, pre-sliced deli version that sits on supermarket shelves everywhere, premium roasted turkey conjures up a specific time of year — and often emits some very strong reactions. You're not alone if you're not the biggest fan of the meat; some even argue that turkey's annual appearance at Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners is highly overrated and under-flavored.

But perhaps it's time turkey's reputation got a makeover. After all, this big piece of poultry is a great source of lean protein, is high in beneficial B vitamins, and is loaded with minerals. Turkey can be used in a variety of dishes, but it can also stand out as the star of the show — just ask Kevin O'Leary, aka "Shark Tank's" very own Chef Wonderful.

The bona fide foodie loves to get in the kitchen, and he says turkey is something we should be considering more often. Speaking exclusively with Mashed, O'Leary shared that his favorite way to enjoy turkey outside of the holiday season is to barbecue it up for summer cookouts. While his method is perfect for your Fourth of July picnic, it's also a delicious way to enjoy turkey all year long.

Turkey deserves a place at your summer holidays gatherings, too

Chef Wonderful says that people's general reluctance to incorporating turkey more regularly into meals is "a great dilemma because it's a fine meat." He agrees that while "these birds are brought out and celebrated" in a grand showing during the holidays "because of their presentation value," it can be harder to find ways to appreciate turkey in a more casual setting. "To introduce it to the family during the year, the only way I've been able to pull it off is cookouts and barbecues," he says.

Now, there's a right and a wrong way to cook turkey, Chef Wonderful insists. "Bringing out a platter of chopped-up turkey — that's un-American." Rather, Kevin O'Leary likes to grill or roast the legs of the bird alongside sausage, and present the whole feast to his family. "I'll sneak in four giant turkey legs, which you can buy separately from your butcher, and coat them in a plum sauce or barbecue sauce." The legs can then be cooked up on the grill, or roasted in the oven if need be. You wind up with a nice char on the outside, and the flavorful sauce helps the meat stay juicy throughout the cooking process. Believe it or not, Chef Wonderful says "They end up being the most popular thing coming off the grill ... I go through quite a bit of turkey legs during the cookout season."