Rachael Ray's Favorite Vegan Meat Brand Has Us Salivating

Vegan meat alternatives are popping up everywhere these days. There are plant-based eggs, Beyond Meat products, and Impossible burgers, to name a few. With each new product release, there are innovations in production, flavor, and texture. Grown from mushroom root, Meati is the newest product generating buzz in the culinary world — so much so that it's Rachael Ray's favorite vegan meat brand. 

In a partnership called Rachael Ray x Meati, the television host teamed with the company to create 10 recipes featuring different Meati cuts, and they all look mouthwatering. According to VegNews, Meati states that partnering with Ray was an easy choice, as she is a trusted source of cooking information n the U.S. and creates great recipes. The recipes contain tips and how-to videos to show off Meati's versatility. Ray made a crispy cutlet and eggplant parm, complete with marinara sauce, a fattoush with tahini ranch dressing salad with cutlets, and carne asada steaks with poblano chimichurri. In the words of Ray, yum-o!

Meati is a versatile, sustainable ingredient endorsed by culinary heavy-hitters

Ray isn't the only one to join forces with Meati. The brand launched the Meati Culinary Collective, featuring a who's-who from the culinary world. Michelin-starred chef David Chang of Momofuku and "Ugly Delicious" fame collaborated uses Meati to create such dishes as crispy cutlet buns and gochujang double-fried Meati nuggets with garlic sesame, according to VegNews. Chef Tom Colicchio (per The Beet) joined Meati as an advisor, and barbecue champion and founder of Lillie's Q, Charlie McKenna, joined up and created recipes for classic steak burnt ends and a spin on the sloppy joe called sloppy Qs.

Meati's versatility allows these chefs to create a variety of recipes. It's made from mycelium (mushroom root) and doesn't contain soy, gluten, or wheat like many meat alternatives. According to Meati, the company grows the mycelium with no "pesticides, growth hormones, or antibiotics" in stainless steel tanks. Once processed to remove water, the mushroom root can be cut and seasoned into just about any kind of meat. Currently available are classic steaks, carne asada steaks, classic cutlets, and crispy cutlets.

With Ray's recipes and the collaborations with other culinary heavy-hitters, we're ready to go out and find some Meati and get cooking.