McDonald's Launches A New Grimace-Themed Shake And Spicy Hamburger

After disappearing from the spotlight and reappearing over the years many years, McDonald's beloved purple pal, Grimace, has made another return. And this time, he is bringing a new shake and a burger with him. Launching this month, the new Cheesy JalapeƱo Bacon Quarter Pounder is making its way to the Golden Arches, and it will be served with two slices of cheese, bacon, jalapeƱos, and cheese sauce. Contained with a sesame seed bun, the burger can be ordered with a single or double quarter pounder patty. The beverage, named the Grimace Shake, will feature a purple berry flavor and come topped with whipped cream. To further celebrate Grimace's homecoming, McDonald's is selling a Grimace Birthday Meal complete with either a Big Mac or 10-piece McNugget, fries, and the Grimace shake.

After news of the upcoming Grimace Birthday Meal was leaked on Reddit by a presumed employee last month, Instagram account @snackolator shared the news with its 108,000 followers. Fans in the comments section were originally concerned about the shake's purple appearance, worrying it would indicate a flavor they found unappealing. "Grape would be so gross," wrote one follower. "If it's grape it better not taste like f****** Dimetapp medicine," another user remarked. Despite the uncertainty about the taste, one thing seemed clear: McDonald's fans were delighted with Grimace's return.

Facebook expresses excitement over Grimace's return

The McDonald's Facebook page had a bit of fun Monday night announcing Grimace's return. The brand changed its profile picture to an extreme close-up of Grimace, which was captioned "it grimace i'm tking over." The About section was also changed to say, "grimace is a close personal friend of mine." The reaction from fans was widely positive. Some social media users hilariously hoped Grimace could work some magic to bring back a discontinued menu item. "If Grimace can't bring snack wraps back, no one can," one person wrote. Whether the purple one can resurrect the wrap remains to be seen, but he's been able to bring himself back.

In recent years, the character has been spotted a handful of times. In 2020, Grimace and friend Ronald McDonald partook in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and in 2022, he had a short-lived stint in a Super Bowl commercial. Driving further nostalgia, Grimace, along with other well-loved McDonaldland characters, reappeared as toys with the temporary release of adult Happy Meals, which people ended up listing for $300,000 online. As of this writing, we have found no McDonald's announcements that confirm or deny whether the mascot's return is permanent.