T-Pain Wants To Buy You A Wendy's Frosty This Month

For lovers of Wendy's famous Frosty, every day is a good day to enjoy one. However, T-Pain has sweetened the deal with a remix of his song "Buy U a Drank." According to a press release on Wendy's website, the latest remix "[highlights] the feeling of sheer delight while enjoying a Frosty."

In a music video posted on the Wendy's YouTube channel, T-Pain sings about strawberry Frostys while buying some of the iconic frozen treats for various friends. However, the musician's involvement with Wendy's doesn't end with the music video's rolling credits. 

Until June 21, T-Pain is buying all Wendy's customers one of these delicious frozen treats. So, how do you get your hands on a free Frosty at Wendy's? Accomplishing this is as simple as placing an order through the Wendy's app or website between June 5 and 21. Customers can get a free small Frosty with any purchase: We highly recommend using the promo to buy an order of fries. After all, who doesn't love dipping Wendy's fries into a Frosty?

Chocolate and strawberry are the summer Frosty flavors at Wendy's

As diehard Frosty fans may already know, T-Pain's music video for "Buy U a Frosty" was dropped shortly after Wendy's announced that its strawberry Frosty is returning for the summer months. Coincidence? We think not. Several commenters solidified the marketing strategy's success, with one writing, "I didn't know about the strawberry Frosty [before the video], so mission accomplished."

Although the vanilla Frosty is on hiatus for the summer, customers can choose between its classic chocolate Frosty and the new strawberry Frosty. Either way, you will save a dollar and get a delicious Wendy's Frosty out of the deal. 

Even better, a trip to pick up your fries and free Frosty is the perfect time to try one hack for adding a fruity twist to a Wendy's Frosty. When ordering, ask if you can have a fruit syrup from one of Wendy's summer lemonades mixed into your Frosty. The thought of its blueberry pomegranate puree blended into a strawberry Frosty gives us all the summer vibes, and we're here for it.