Cheez-It Will Pump Crackers Straight Into Your Car At Road Trip Rest Stop

The Golden Age of roadside attractions may have occurred in the mid-20th century, a time when Americans were discovering the joys of cruising the highways and byways in their newly-purchased automobiles. While Roadside America assures us that many such attractions still exist, numerous others have no doubt crumbled to dust over the years. For this reason, we're here to announce good news for fans of cheesy retro road stops: California is now home (albeit a very temporary home) to the pop-up Cheez-It Stop, located on Twentynine Palms Highway in Joshua Tree and open through June 11.

According to a Cheez-Its press release, the main attraction at this desert oasis is a Cheez-It Pump (billed as "the world's first and only"). It's shaped like a gas pump, only it pumps out, you guessed it, Cheez-It crackers. Not into your gas tank, though, as that might be a car-killer. Instead, you can pour a stream of Cheez-Its right through your car window. There isn't even a need to worry about getting crumbs all over the seat since the crackers come in bagged form.

There's more to explore at this rest stop

While the Cheez-It Pump might seem like the main attraction, there's plenty more cheesiness in store at the Cheez-It Stop. What would a retro road stop be without a Muffler Man? The one here is in the form of an extra-tall hipster-bearded cowboy who seems to be holding his own Cheez-It Pump. Yet another rest stop must-have is a gift shop, and this one, quite naturally, features all manner of Cheez-Its crackers, including a variety of different flavors that aren't readily available elsewhere. There will also be plenty of Cheez-It-themed merchandise well as something that Cheez-It's brand senior director Erin Storm describes as "massive, sharable Cheez-It visuals," which seems to be corporate speak for cardboard standees or other props that were made for Instagram photo ops.

Those who are unable to get out to Joshua Tree before the Cheez-It pop-up pops back down again still have an opportunity to snag a souvenir during one of the brand's merch drops. These will be announced on the brand's different social media sites (it has a presence on Facebook and TikTok as well as Instagram).