Publix's Hilarious Cake Fail Takes Literal To A Whole New Level

If you've ordered a cake from a bakery, you know the workers ask if you'd like customized writing on the top. You can have them write "Happy Birthday," "Congrats," or something else celebratory, but you could very well end up with tragic misspellings or too-literal interpretations. That being said, it's usually pretty funny when the person decorating your cake opts to follow your instructions to the literal T. One TikTok user discovered this for herself when her mother received a Publix supermarket birthday cake reading, "Just happy birthday is perfect, thank you."

In an interview with Today, the TikToker explained that the cake had been ordered through the Publix app, and the person responsible for submitting the order didn't realize that the bakery workers would transcribe exactly what was written in the request. As a result, the intention of just "happy birthday" turned into "just happy birthday." The TikToker told the outlet, "She wrote that message not thinking it would be taken literally."

The internet lives for cake fails

To no one's surprise, the internet loved the TikTok about the Publix cake fail. Many viewers commented that receiving a cake with a too-literal inscription would make their birthday that much better. Others said that they already loved Publix, but this cake fail made them love shopping at Publix even more. One person wrote, "Getting a cake like that would literally make it the best birthday ever."


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Likewise, the TikToker's mother and her mother's co-workers found the cake to be hilarious. In fact, the cake proved to be a hit at her mother's job. The TikToker told Today, "When my mom opened the cake in front of everyone, they were unable to sing 'Happy Birthday' because everyone was just dying from laughter."

Of course, Publix isn't the only supermarket to produce hilarious cake fails. Scroll through any Buzzfeed compilation, and you'll see countless examples of requests taken too literally. One person wrote "nothing" in the request form, only to have a bakery employee write "nothing" on their cake. Another customer asked for "happy birthday on both," and received two cakes, each reading "happy birthday on both." Again, couldn't be funnier.