Flamin' Hot Cheetos Is A Perfect Topping For Mac And Cheese

Mac and cheese can be a delicious dish on its own, but sometimes you need to experiment a little in the kitchen to take it to that next level. Adding a bit of spice and crunch can deliver some heat and provide a contrasting texture that helps amp it up a notch. One possible approach is incorporating Flamin' Hot Cheetos into the mix as a mac and cheese topping.

TikToker @blakesmunchies demonstrated this culinary mash-up, pouring crushed Flamin' Hot Cheetos over Costco's store-brand mac and cheese. The snacker informs viewers that the end result actually exceeded their taste expectations. Reaction to the video was mixed with one commenter concurring with the addition, but recommending that people take it even a step further. "It's good with Cheetos bc they provide more flavor but some salt, pepper, and paprika is necessary IMO." Other users gave it a hard pass: "Bro ruined it with the hot Cheetos."

Some like it hot

And it's not just adventurous snackers — the kind who can be found mixing together frozen, boxed, and bagged comfort food favorites to satisfy late-night cravings — that approve of the combo. Another cooking video demo of mac and cheese made with Flamin' Hot Cheetos was posted to Facebook by Cooking with Aisha, which has the eponymous host expressing pleasant surprise at how much they enjoyed the combination. Instead of picking up mac and cheese premade from the store, Aisha cooks the whole thing up from scratch.


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Whether you're more of a Blake and sprinkling a snack-sized bag of Flamin' Hot Cheetos over your Easy Mac or an Aisha and whipping up a casserole dish to serve at your next family get-together, you may want to consider trying out this crunchy, spicy tip. Cheetos also sells its own boxed Mac n' Cheese Flamin' Hot product that is available in grocery stores if you want to seriously take the dish to the next level.