The Unusual Ingredient Alex Guarnaschelli Adds To Everything She Makes - Exclusive

Celebrity chef Alex Guarnaschelli is not only a host and judge on hit shows like "Ciao House" and "Supermarket Stakeout," but she has also run the award-winning Butter restaurant in New York for nearly 20 years. At the popular eatery, Guarnaschelli uses greenmarket offerings to create a seasonal menu that features appetizers like thick-cut veal bacon and dinner options that include wild striped bass and pan-seared branzino. The Food Network star also has several cookbooks under her belt, so when she told us what her favorite ingredient to use in the kitchen was, we were listening intently.

While promoting her new partnership with Ziploc Endurables, Alex Guarnaschelli revealed in an exclusive interview that the go-to item she puts in almost all her recipes is a condiment. "I cannot function without a jar of Dijon mustard," she said. "I'm lost. I know that's weird. I know some people would say some good olive oil or salt or whatever. No — for me it's mustard. You can do anything with mustard."

What dishes the chef uses Dijon mustard in

The yellowish-brown sauce is definitely a favorite when it comes to lathering condiments on sandwiches because it adds the perfect amount of tang, mixed with a bit of spice. It also can give deviled eggs and potato salad a little kick, which creates a delicious and complex flavor. However, Alex Guarnaschelli admitted to using it for way more than just the standard fare we're used to.

"For example, slather it on chicken and roast it," she recommended. "You can make a vinaigrette. You can thicken anything with it because it has lecithin, a natural thickener. I've used it in everything. I've used it in a spice cake, barbecue sauce, you name it. If you're eating something I made, it probably has Dijon mustard in it — except for ice cream, maybe."

If this has made you curious about adding the condiment to your next meal, try your hand at our easy cheese sauce recipe. It's simple to make and includes just butter, flour, milk, garlic, cheddar, parmesan, and of course, Dijon mustard. Enjoy the sauce on everything from veggies to fries, or even put it on your next cheeseburger.

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