Burger King Is Turning The Heat Up On Its Chicken Nuggets With A Fiery Glaze

For years, fast food-lovers have sung the praises of Burger King chicken nuggets. The chain has offered various kinds of nuggets, from plant-based chicken nuggets to crown-shaped chicken nuggets to spicy chicken nuggets.

After testing fiery nuggets in late 2022, Burger King has released yet another chicken nugget variation across the nation. The newest nuggets come glazed with spices like cayenne, black pepper, and Thai chili, claiming to offer more heat than previous renditions of Burger King nuggets. In all honesty, it would be a real treat if the fiery nuggets turned out to pack more of a kick than Burger King's ghost pepper nuggets.

The fiery nuggets will be available for purchase from June 19 through August 17, costing around $2.49 for an 8-piece. For comparison, an 8-piece with regular chicken nuggets also costs about $2.49, so there shouldn't be a price difference between the two when you go to order.

Do Burger King's fiery nuggets bring the heat?

Considering how, at the time of this post, the fiery nuggets have only been experienced in a Chicago test run, we don't have too many reviews to look at. However, we do have a few, as well as people's reactions to Burger King chicken nuggets as a whole.

In his YouTube review, the Fat Hipster notes that the nuggets' glaze is more "a powder and oily substance mixed together," but also admits the fiery nuggets are indeed a bit spicier than Burger King's regular spicy nuggets. That being said, it's important to point out that not once during his review does he need to take a drink or otherwise tamp down the nuggets' heat.

Other Burger King customers reflect this particular sentiment, with one Instagram user complaining, "Never spicy enough. I want throat-burning heat." Others commented that Burger King's chicken nuggets are never any better than grocery store freezer-aisle nuggets. At the end of the day, though, the fiery nuggets do have the Fat Hipster's stamp of approval, as well as the hopes of spice lovers.