The Flour Combo Courteney Cox Says Makes The Best Cookies

Everyone has their favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. Some people prefer their cookies crunchy, and others want them soft and chewy. There are countless recipes featuringĀ secret ingredients you should use in your chocolate chip cookies, whether it's something as simple as oatmeal or a specific kind of chocolate. Milk Bar bakery owner Christina Tosi adds nonfat milk powder to hers, explaining to Epicurious that the addition helps with "intensifying the flavor of chocolate ... making those dark vanilla notes of a chocolate chip cookie taste more magical and regular chocolate taste more luxurious."

Now, Courteney Cox and cookie baker Paul Cassell have gotten together to make their own unique chocolate chip cookies, and rather than use the standard all-purpose flour we see in the majority of recipes, they opt for the unorthodox combination of bread flour and cake flour. While the pairing isn't unheard of, it's not seen regularly. Nonetheless, the result, as Cox puts it in the Instagram video, is " the best damn cookie I've ever had."

This flour combo is the secret to many famous cookies

Using bread and cake flour to make chocolate chip cookies may be unique, but the concept isn't new, with The New York Times printing the recipe for renowned pastry chef Jacques Torres' chocolate chip cookies in 2008. Torres calls the bread and cake flour combo the secret to his famous chocolate chip cookies, telling GMA that "all-purpose flour is good for everything, but not really for nothing," and he advocates finding your own mix of the two flours for baking cookies. "The way you like them, that is called adjusting the flour," he says.

Courteney Cox's baking partner in her Instagram video is Paul Cassell, owner of Paul Cassell Bakes. Cassell makes and sells everything from snickerdoodles with cinnamon and cardamom to your basic oatmeal cookie. The recipe he makes with Courteney Cox is for chocolate chunk cookies with a Maldon sea salt sprinkle, which he sells on his website and is described as "a mix of 66% Belgian couverture chocolate discs and milk chocolate chunks."

While you can buy a dozen of Cassell's cookies forĀ $48 on his website, Cox and Cassell's video shows you how to make them at home. It just might make you skip the all-purpose flour in your next batch of chocolate chip cookies.