We May Finally Know How Olive Garden's Alfredo Sauce Is Made

Restaurant copycat recipes can be fun, whether you want to save money or just like the challenge. Some copycat recipes are based on facts the brand previously shared or even leaked information. For example, an internet rumor has it that Olive Garden published some of its recipes in 2020 before someone caught the mistake and removed them. The recipes have since floated around the internet, including on Reddit subreddits and social media. 

In May 2023, TikToker @jordan_the_stallion8 shared an Alfredo sauce recipe he claimed was the leaked Olive Garden sauce. Whether this is the actual recipe was disputed in the comments. One TikToker said, "Umm, I'm a chef for Olive Garden, and he is right, like fully factual." Another replied, "Bro. No, you don't because this isn't right." 

Whether or not the recipe was leaked by Olive Garden, this isn't the first time it was shared with the pasta-loving public. At least one Olive Garden manager previously shared it with even more detailed instructions.

This recipe has a confirmed Olive Garden connection

TikToker @raphaelgomesx also has a YouTube channel where he tests alleged employee-leaked recipes, as well as copycats. In February 2023, he posted a recipe demo video featuring the supposedly leaked recipe. The two recipes were pretty much the same. However, the recipe @raphaelgomesx shared specified one-half teaspoon of salt and pepper. He also specifically used Pecorino Romano cheese, which is made from sheep's milk and has a stronger flavor.

If you are curious about how this recipe was leaked, it may help to remember that when restaurants were closed for dine-in business during the pandemic, several shared versions of some of their most popular recipes to make at home (per Vice). The alleged leak through the Olive Garden website occurred around that time, so it is possible that Olive Garden hopped on the trend and shared some of its recipes. This wouldn't be the first time a representative of Olive Garden shared this recipe.

In 2019, Mihir Desai, an Olive Garden general manager, shared this Alfredo sauce recipe with Birmingham, Alabama, Fox affiliate WBRC 6 in honor of National Pasta Day. He claimed this is the recipe that Olive Garden has used since its opening in 1982. Desai told viewers this recipe yields sauce for four servings and is best served with pasta cooked al dente. So there you have it. This may be the most authentic Olive Garden dupe. Is it the best Copycat Olive Garden Alfredo Sauce Recipe? Only your taste buds can tell.