This Fast Food Joint Specializes In Aggressively Long French Fries

Rejoice that the closest thing to perpetual French fries has been invented: Toro Fries. They take center stage in the fight to create everlasting crispy strips of potato, thanks to their impressive foot-long length. Once cooked up, they are served in a basket and garnished with a seemingly never-ending range of cheesy sauces, including truffle, wasabi, salted egg, and barbecue. To achieve their immense length, Toro Fries are created using mashed potato that's squeezed through a press and deep-fried, as you can see in this oddly-satisfying video from the GOGO FOOD YouTube channel.

As intriguing as Toro Fries are, you've probably never heard of them in the U.S. Don't worry, you're not suffering from French fry amnesia, it's the simple fact that Toro Fries aren't widely available over here. The saucy fries are particularly successful in Thailand where the company has its main restaurant, and appear to have reached America during a sadly short-lived franchising setup in Los Angeles in 2020.

It turns out these enormous fries originated in Japan, but how do they stack up against record-beating competitors from around the world?

The foot-long fries fall well short of the world's biggest French fry

The origins of Toro Fries can be found in similarly massive fries enjoyed in Japanese cuisine, which are known as Japanese long fries, and have been popularized by the Japanese restaurant chain Harajuku Gyoza. Iconic street foods from around Asia are becoming increasingly popular throughout the world, so it's not surprising that Harajuku Gyoza has already expanded to Australia. Can the U.S. be far behind? The wide variety of cheese sauces available on the fries (three per order) might actually be closer to mayonnaise than melted cheese, but some who have tried the fries actually described them as almost too cheesy, as if such a thing is possible. 


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Even though these lengthy fries inspire hungry taste buds, they've got their work cut out if they want to challenge the seismic sizes of record-holding fries. India holds the Guinness World Record for the biggest French fry, measuring 10.33 feet long and weighing a mighty 24 pounds.

Not to be left out, the U.S. achieves victory with the world's longest curly fry, although there's some controversy over exactly which fry holds the title: a 34-inch French fry in New York, or a 38-inch fry discovered in an Arby's order in North Carolina.