This Popular Fast Food Chain Holds The World Record For Longest Curly Fry

Mmm... French fries! Arguably one of the most delicious forms of potato, fries come in a variety of shapes and sizes: shoestring, crinkle-cut, steak, wedges, waffle, and of course, curly. Whether you prefer your fries salted, seasoned with a blend of spices, dunked in ketchup, mayonnaise, and other dipping sauces, or by their plain ol' selves, nothing beats biting into starchy, crispy goodness.

Without a doubt, curly fries are tons of fun to eat! And, thanks to one particular American restaurant chain, they have become a favorite among fry lovers nationwide. Largely famous for its tender, juicy roast beef sandwiches, Arby's also offers perfectly seasoned, savory curly fries for hungry customers. Arby's added its innovative curly fries to the menu back in 1988, originally calling them Curly-Q Fries, according to "Unwrapped," a Food Network show about the history of everyday indulgences. The extensive process by which Arby's beloved curly fries are made is certainly mesmerizing, but what's even more fascinating is how this bouncy snack has taken on a name of its own.

How long is the world-record-holding curly fry?

Believe it or not, the world's all-time longest curly fry measured over a yard long! In 2013, a woman named Kim Medford from Waynesville, North Carolina was eating her casual workday lunch from Arby's. But when she reached in to grab a curly fry, she quickly realized that she wasn't about to consume your average bite-sized, corkscrew-shaped spud. Her order of curly fries contained, well... one giant singular fry. Medford very carefully unraveled the fry and measured it on a ruled tabletop, discovering its length of 38 inches. An astonished Medford hastily sent the photo to Arby's, confident that her lunch contained something miraculous.

One thing led to another, and Medford's fry became a hot topic of fast food conversation. An Arby's spokeswoman confirmed with HuffPost that the chain abides by a standard "cut size" for its curly fries. "Typically, the packaging, transportation, and cooking process naturally breaks up the fries into smaller pieces, but not always," she said. Her lengthy fry was crowned the new champion of the world's longest by the World Record Academy. Talk about a tall (ahem, long) order!