For Sweeter Corn On The Cob, Add Milk

While you can certainly buy frozen and canned corn all year round, it simply doesn't compare to that sweet snap you get when biting into a fresh summer ear — the later in the season, the better. And it is super simple to make. After shucking, drop a few ears into boiling water, keep it submerged for 3 to 5 minutes, and you've just made corn on the cob.

However, it could be so much tastier. When you boil corn, the high temperature breaks down the starch, creating simpler sugars, which taste sweeter. Adding milk to the mix even kicks the sweetness up a notch. This is because milk also has carbohydrates that break down when heated to help the corn taste even sweeter. It doesn't take much milk to get the job done, either. A single cup added to the boiling water is enough to sweeten the deal.

For even sweeter corn on the cob, try these cooking hacks

If you want to step your corn's flavor up even more, consider adding sugar and butter to the water and milk while boiling. As you would expect, the sugar increases the sweetness factor of your corn. When you add butter, however, it creates an oily bath that helps infuse every kernel with that irresistible buttery goodness.

You can also enhance the sweetness simply by cooking the corn at higher temperatures, as this breaks down the sugars even more. However, since water can only reach 212 degrees before it boils away, you will need a different cooking method to make your corn sweeter. Roasting or grilling are two top choices. For convenience, cooking corn in an air fryer gives you a magically crisp hull with a tender inside that is wonderfully sweet.

To get the best results, it is essential to start with the freshest ingredients. When shopping for corn on the cob, look for tightly wrapped, bright green husks with a golden tassel.