Chick-Fil-A Actually Charges Less Money For Removing Items

We all know that many fast food restaurants charge more for "extra." Extra pizza toppings, extra nugget sauce, extra sliced cheese on your burger, and so on. But when you ask to eliminate a particular ingredient that's normally included in the price, there's usually no discount. So if a cheeseburger with onions, ketchup, and mustard is normally three dollars and you request it without onions or mustard, guess what? You're probably still going to have to pay three bucks. That wasn't the case at a certain Chick-fil-A restaurant, though, according to Reddit user u/shaybay12's post on the r/mildlyinteresting subreddit.

The customer ordered the Spicy Deluxe Sandwich Meal, which typically includes lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and pepper jack cheese, but they requested that the tomatoes be omitted. When they checked their receipt, they noticed a credit of 20 cents, so instead of paying $9.79 (plus tax) for the meal, they only had to pay $9.59. Many followers of the post were delighted to hear about the discount, with one calling it "refreshing" and another saying it was "incredible." Other followers also chimed in, with some making comparisons to other restaurants.

Some restaurants actually charge more for omitting ingredients

It's unclear if every location offers a credit if you request to leave off certain toppings when ordering your Chick-fil-A food. However, in a Reddit post on the r/unpopularopinion subreddit three years prior, a customer made the same claim. Responding to a statement that fast food chains should charge less for removing toppings, a commenter said, "Chick-fil-A does this (at least on some items)."

Of course, hearing about topping omission discounts begs the question: Why don't all fast food restaurants charge less if you request to remove ingredients? Two Reddit users who claimed to be former McDonald's employees shared their thoughts in the r/unpopularopinion comments — they believe the reasons involve food hygiene and efficiency.

Regardless of the real reason that all fast food restaurants don't give you a discount for leaving off toppings, at least most don't charge you extra like some restaurants do. In the r/mildlyinteresting post, another Reddit user claimed a pizza restaurant charges them extra if they request to remove ingredients from a specialty pizza.