The Bougie Sparkling Water People Are Rushing To Get At Costco

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Although there are plenty of sparkling waters for sale at Costco, few stand out as much as Socosani. Martin Riese, one of TikTok's most beloved water connoisseurs, was thrilled to find Socosani at his local Costco, and promptly shared all the ways that this Peruvian brand beats out all others.

According to Riese's TikTok, Socosani sparkling water has a TDS of 1,800. TDS, or total dissolved solids, refers to the amount of minerals present in a given water sample. As such, Socosani has higher levels of minerals than, say, Fiji sparkling water, which has an overall TDS of 222.

Socosani's high TDS includes a higher-than-average silica content of 108 milligrams per liter, as compared to Fiji's 93 milligrams per liter. Riese explained that silica helps make water feel and taste smooth, so Socosani is objectively smoother than Fiji and other sparkling waters.

Does Socosani water live up to the hype?

Without a doubt, Socosani meets and exceeds the expectations of water sommeliers like Martin Riese but what about the average shopper? What about the casual drinker, who knows nothing about TDS or the intricate science of smooth-tasting water?

As you might expect, reviews are all over the place. One TikTok user commented that they "didn't like the taste" of Socosani, and instead prefer Topo Chico's flavors. Another said they thought the water had a "terrible bitter aftertaste." However, others gave more favorable reviews. One Amazon shopper was happy to find a water that actually tasted like minerals, while others said they found Socosani to be the best sparkling mineral water they've tried.

That being said, if you want to try Socosani for yourself, your best bet is to buy it at a Costco in the LA area where a case of 12 costs $11.97. Otherwise, a case of the same size costs $36.99 on the Source to Bottle website or $44.99 on Socosani's Amazon storefront.