Apparently, An Ice Cube Is The Key To Reheating Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is one of those foods that doesn't need to be a certain temperature for it to be tasty, but there's no denying that it tastes amazing when warm. Some people like it cold, or they settle for cold meat simply because microwaving it can strip the chicken of all the moisture, leaving you with a dry lump of meat. If you fall into the latter category, an ice cube might be the savior you never knew existed.

To reheat fried chicken while retaining its juiciness, use the ice cube method: Heat a pan on the stove and add your cold chicken. Toss a couple of cubes of ice on the side and cover the pan with a lid to create a nice sauna. The steam from the melting ice effectively heats up the chicken to its core without drying it out. Within a few minutes, the chicken will be piping hot. The ice cube method also works when you use a microwave instead of a pan.

When TikToker @dessert.hound tested out the hack in a video, the internet was skeptical to say the least. Many pointed out that the reheated chicken would be too soggy to be enjoyable. "Now you have a soggy fried chicken ... we already have the soggy fries," one user commented. "Nothing better than a damp chicken," another user sarcastically remarked.

It's a good hack — if you don't mind soggy chicken

When an ice cube melts and turns into steam, it heats the fried chicken evenly without letting it get too dry and rubbery — but takes the crispiness out of the equation. As many users pointed out in the comment section of @dessert.hound's TikTok video, using an air fryer would preserve the crunch when you reheat the fried chicken in it. Other netizens have tried and tested it, too. "If you're into reheating leftovers, I would invest in an air fryer. They are relatively cheap and all they are is an efficient convection oven. I think these things were made for leftovers ... whether it's chicken, pizza, or French fries, I've always been extremely satisfied with the results," one Redditor shared.


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In any case, if you do end up with soggy fried chicken after reheating it, preheat an oven to 400 degrees and toss in your chicken. Use a wire rack on top of a baking sheet for uniform heat distribution. Let the chicken heat up for around 10 minutes or more, depending on the size, and it should then have a crispy exterior.