The Costco Cookie Dough Secret That You Can Only Find At Certain Stores

Costco shoppers know how to work the system. TikToker @piinksparkles revealed a new Costco hack that shoppers in the know will be happy to learn about. The TikToker posted a video featuring a person walking up to the Costco bakery and asking for a box of cookie dough. "Yes, you heard that right. Cookie dough," the voiceover states. In the comments, @piinksparkles clarifies that this was at a store in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada where signs at the bakery alert customers to which products can be purchased like this. The comments state that this deal is not available at all Costco warehouses, only ones in Canada and in select U.S. states. 

@piinksparkles states in their video — which has over 1.6 million likes as of this writing — that if you are able to purchase a box in your area, you'll get about 120 cookies for approximately $20 Canadian dollars (about $15 USD), which comes out to about $0.19 (about $0.14 USD) per cookie. The shopper in the video purchases a chocolate chunk flavor, but one TikToker states in the comments that consumers can choose between dark or white chocolate cookies.

This is one sweet deal on cookie dough

Costco lovers and cookie fans alike took to the comments to express their appreciation for @piinksparkles' video. One user wrote, "OMG! Thanks TikTok, today I went to Costco and I found them ... I'm so happy." Another user chimed in, "That's smart!! I'm def gonna get a Costco membership!!" A third TikToker who states they are a Costco employee commented that their store sells cookie dough in the freezer section. 


Did you know about this Costco cookie secret!? YUM! (Prices are in Canadian $) #costco #cookiedough #cookiehack #cheapfood

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@piinksparkles isn't the only TikToker to discover this Costco cookie dough hack. User @hithashaaa also snagged some cookie dough from the Costco bakery and confirmed in the comments that shoppers must ask the bakery staff for a box of the cookie dough; they won't find it on the shelves. TikToker @worthabuck also found out how to get a box of uncooked chocolate chunk cookie dough, calling their discovery their "Costco secret of the day." @worthabuck shared in the comments of their post that the cookie dough can only be obtained at Costco business centers.