The Reason Vodka Cranberry Is Also Called A Cape Codder

Let's be honest, the name Cape Codder might not come to mind when ordering your favorite vodka cranberry cocktail at the bar. But while cruising in your yacht on the eastern seaboard this is the go-to term that gets tossed around left and right like sea sickness. So what's the deal with the Cape Codder and its double life?

To answer this question we must further explore the history of this crafty cocktail. The name Cape Codder originated from, you guessed it, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, drawing inspiration from its stunning beaches and bountiful cranberry bogs. It was near here that Ocean Spray's cranberry farm was founded, as well as cranberry juice, one of the key components of the cocktail.

So what does this have to do with a vodka cranberry and why do they share this dual identity? This is a result of the drink's geographical location. The Cape Codder pays tribute to the region's cranberry legacy, encapsulating its essence in every sip. Although it is just another playful name to make a vodka cranberry, the title alone transports you to Cape Cod's sandy shores and carefree vibes.

The breakdown of the Cape Codder cocktail

To truly grasp the essence of the Cape Codder cocktail, we must delve into its ingredients. Vodka, the indisputable star of the show, stands as one of the most dynamic components, lending its versatility to this delightful libation. Vodka is typically derived from grains or starches, although it can be distilled from virtually any source, resulting in a familiar and adaptable flavor that effortlessly melds with other elements. 

Coming in at a close second is cranberry juice, which imparts a subtly tangy note, harmonizing with the overall blend. And let us not forget that lime plays a more significant role than mere garnish. Squeezed on top, it provides the finishing touch, breathing life into the Cape Codder. This trinity of ingredients, each with its unique character, comes together to create a cocktail that encapsulates the spirit of the Cape Codder, captivating drinkers with its balanced and refreshing allure.

Cape Codder variations

So, if you are wondering, is there a way to make a mocktail version of this delicious drink? Yes, there are substitutes out there, including non-alcoholic versions of vodka, but nothing quite replicates the flavor like the original recipe. You can also swap out certain ingredients to change the flavor profiles.

Two common alternatives to vodka are gin and tequila. Gin introduces more herbal notes to the cocktail, while tequila provides earthy agave flavors. Both options are acceptable swaps. We also recommend a version of the recipe inspired by "Sex and the City." Though technically a Cosmopolitan, with the addition of triple sec and strawberry, it becomes a fantastic summer addition to your repertoire.

So if your vibe is coastal core or maybe you identify as vodka cran girly, the Cape Codder is the go-to drink you need. So do not shy away from the sweet and tart notes of cranberry. Instead, dive on in. Remember always to drink responsibly when crafting your Cape Codder.