Sex And The City's Famous Cocktail Is Now Even Easier To Enjoy

Anyone that loved watching "Sex and the City" in its heyday most likely remembers the inseparable, iconic cocktail that the show made famous. According to Metro, Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Miranda would down a cosmopolitan or two before hitting the town, creating a ton of real-world hype around the cocktail. While the show didn't actually invent the mixed drink, it did bring the beverage to the forefront of America's cocktail conversation at the time. The cocktail's origin stretches back to at least the 1930s and features vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice, and lime juice shaken together.

Since the drink's spike in popularity, outlets like Refinery29 have taken stabs at guessing why the drink took off as it did. In fact, at the time, Manhattan's nightlife felt out of reach for most of America, so brief touches of luxury, like the cosmopolitan, which looks and tastes luxurious, offered an affordable splurge that made the day or night feel that much more special. The drink also gave women a space to have a signature cocktail in a very masculine space.

While fans of the show have had to craft this cocktail at home for years if not ordering it at a bar, one new development may allow fans of "Sex and the City" to enjoy the signature drink without breaking out a cocktail shaker.

A new way to enjoy a cosmopolitan at home

Vinepair reports that Thomas Ashbourne Craft Spirits has teamed up with Sarah Jessica Parker to sell pre-mixed versions of The Perfect Cosmo. The canned beverage comes with all of the classic Cosmo components: cranberries, lime juice, vodka, and triple sec, along with a touch of strawberry flavor to help the drink stand out from the crowd.

The drink company tapped into the zeitgeist behind the cosmo but didn't stop there. Thomas Ashbourne Craft Spirits also tapped John Cena to create a signature old fashioned and joined Playboi Carti in the creation of a canned hardscatto.

The Zoe Report noted that Parker had a hand in actually crafting the drink and used her "Sex and the City" character to craft the flavors found in every can. "This particular cocktail, while being closely associated [with] a well-known character I've played for many years, is also a personal favorite in my own life," Parker noted in a press release. She isn't a stranger to the kitchen, either. Parker swears by an old-school cookbook, so we trust her to make classic drinks and dishes well.

Fans of the actress and show can now pick up the drink for themselves from Thomas Ashbourne's website. An order of the drink goes for about $60, making this luxury worthy of its "Sex and the City" pedigree. The word's out on exactly how it stacks up to a cosmo made at a local bar, but hopefully, it can capture the spirit of luxury and fun that made the show a hit in the first place.