The Costco Party Tray That Isn't Filled With Sad Fruits And Vegetables

Costco allows hosts and partygoers to make a good impression with minimal effort, all thanks to its premade party platters. Fruit and vegetable trays can be dull and overdone. However, Costco platters make unique additions to any event. Just look at how popular its Cello Artisan Crafted Simple Pleasures platter was when it first hit shelves. Now, customers have found another offering to obsess over — Costco's Pretzel Bites Party Tray.

Instagram account @costcobuys announced the arrival of the Pretzel Bites Party Tray in U.S. stores earlier this month. According to the post, the platter consists of 50 soft pretzel bites, cheddar cheese dip, mustard dip, and salt — all for just $12.99. That's a steal for anyone feeding a group on a budget. 

Pretzel bites are a filling appetizer that pairs well with just about anything, even other Costco snacks like preprepared mac and cheese. This tray will fit right into any event menu.

The best way to prepare Costco's pretzel bites

Pretzels come in all shapes and sizes, but Costco's Pretzel Bites Party Tray turns this beloved snack into small, dippable nuggets. These can be eaten straight out of the package, but customers suggest preparing them in other ways. It's no secret that pretzels are often better warmed up, and in the comments of @costcobuys' Instagram post, several people suggest heating these pretzel bites in an air fryer. This will give them a crunchy texture that takes them to the next level.

"We threw some in the air fryer, sprinkled water and salt on them and oh my goodness!" one Instagram user writes. "These were pretty great. My family ate them up. Went back to Costco for more, and they were already sold out!" Another commenter adds, "We used the air fryer and they were so good!!!"

With multiple people sharing this sentiment, it seems an air fryer will make Costco's new platter the talk of the party. Of course, heating them in an oven or microwave will yield similar results. You can also warm the cheese sauce — but don't feel limited to the included dips. As noted by Food Network, there are many alternative dipping choices. Comforting and delicious, pretzel bites are sure to make a greater impression than veggies and ranch dressing!