Just Add Wine To This Costco Platter And You've Got A Party

At this point, it almost seems like there's absolutely nothing in the world that you wouldn't find at a Costco store. Regardless of what it is that you want, chances are, Costco has a good stock of it. Giant containers of all sorts of snacks, perfect little gifts for holidays, pre-prepped meals for busy weekdays, pre-made sides to take to a Thanksgiving dinner, and even entire Thanksgiving pumpkin pies — you name it and Costco has the best of it.

Recently, Costco shoppers spotted a pre-made party platter at certain Costco stores in the U.S., which is perfect to entertain guests with over the holiday season. While last year the chain's cheese platter with fruits, nuts, jams, and crackers was a smashing hit amongst shoppers on Reddit, the new Costco party platter promises to be even better (as if that was possible).

Per Instagram account Costco Buys, Costco's Cello Artisan Crafted Simple Pleasures is made by Cello Cheese, and here's why it happens to be the perfect platter to play host with: The cheese and snacks come with wine pairing recommendations. All you really need is a bottle of wine.

Two kinds of cheese and wine pairing recommendations

The Cello platter comes with sweet little Peruvian pearl peppers, Frescatrano olives, which the box claims are crisp and buttery, and Sopressata salami. Also included are two kinds of cheese sliced into bite-sized cubes: Asiago cheese and chipotle & garlic cheddar gruyere cheese (via Instagram).

All you really need along with the party platter is a bottle of wine to get a party started, and helpfully, the box comes with wine and beer recommendations as well. Pair the platter with pinot noir if you're hosting red wine drinkers, sauvignon blanc for white wine, or IPA if you've got a beer crowd. According to a Costco Fans Instagram post, the platter is selling for $12.59.

Costco shoppers are loving the idea of a party platter that has all your snacks sorted and only requires a bottle of wine on top. Some shoppers compared the platter to being Lunchables but for adults and an instant charcuterie board to put together for last-minute get-togethers, whereas others thought of it as the perfect present to bring to a party that you're attending over the holidays.

Currently, the Costco platter is only available in the wholesaler's northwest locations. For the rest of the country, it's fingers crossed that Costco starts stocking up on these platters nationwide soon.