Chopped Sandwiches Are The Salad-Like Sammies Taking Over TikTok

TikTok has become a hub for innovative cooking, making culinary creativity more accessible than ever. Aspiring chefs and food enthusiasts alike can easily discover and try new dishes they may not have encountered otherwise. Plus, TikTok's global reach brings people closer to different cultures' cuisines. Enter the viral Italian chopped sandwich.

These robust sandwiches typically consist of different types of Italian cold cuts, like salami, pepperoni, and ham, along with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and sometimes onions and peppers. These tasty ingredients are chopped into small pieces and piled high on a roll or baguette. The sandwich is often topped with condiments like Italian dressing or mayonnaise for a little extra flavor and texture. Enjoying a chopped sandwich has the charm of an Italian salad with the added satisfaction of two pieces of bread.

Commenting on the TikTok trend, one sandwich enthusiast on social media echoed our sentiment with a Tweet that said, "I love how the TikTok algorithm has decided it needs to show me 6000 different creators make the same chopped Italian cold cut beach sandwich video. like yes I want that in my mouth forever and always." 

If you're craving the sandwich but lack the cutting skills or the patience to chop up the ingredients by hand, assembling all of the ingredients into a food processor will reduce the amount of time spent making the viral sandwich.

Customize your chopped sandwich

Although many of the chopped sandwiches on TikTok are inspired by the Italian grinder, there are plenty of ways to customize a chopped sandwich. After all, it's just finely chopped ingredients sandwiched between two slices of bread. If you can chop it — you can sandwich it.

One creative foodie on TikTok made a chopped chicken parm sandwich with diced chicken thighs, homemade red sauce, herbs, shredded parmesan, and mozzarella assembled on a classic deli roll and topped with crunchy bread crumbs for added texture.

Fan of a classic BLT sandwich? Gone are the days you bite into a BLT only to get a mouthful of tomato and nothing more. Instead of making it the traditional way, chop up the ingredients to bring the savory flavors together with each and every bite.

Need we forget the New York City classic — the chopped cheese? A chopped cheese typically consists of ground beef or shredded steak cooked on a griddle with onions, peppers, cheese, and lettuce chopped into tiny pieces and mixed together on a hero-style roll.

Whichever way you choose to make a chopped sandwich, every bite is sure to offer a harmonious blend of flavors. And remember, have fun with it!