Popular Frisch's Big Boy Menu Items Ranked Worst To Best

It's impossible to pass a Frisch's Big Boy without knowing it, which speaks volumes about its marketing. The huge child with red and white-checkered overalls and a perfectly kempt pompadour stands proudly outside each establishment, beckoning all who are suffering from a raging appetite to come inside and order up a slew of filling dishes. Founder Dave Frisch knew exactly what he was doing decades ago when he followed in his father's footsteps and created the chain.

The menu at Frisch's is vast, and even though the chain prides itself on its burgers, there are plenty of options for anyone who wants to think outside the bun. But, as with any place that serves a ton of food options, there are items that are nothing short of culinary grand slams and others that miss the mark completely. The next time you venture toward everyone's favorite oversized, burger-wielding big boy, keep this list of ranked menu items at the forefront of your mind. You can tell your belly to thank us later.

12. Bacon and Sausage Burrito

Many people believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, which makes sense. Filling your belly with nutritious food after rolling out of bed puts you in a great mood, and when you're in a great mood, you're prepared to conquer whatever tasks lie ahead of you. If you're someone who absolutely loves to get your morning grub on, Frisch's offers a variety of breakfast options, including a bacon and sausage burrito. However, this is one early-morning meal that's going to set you up for failure.

The burrito comes with both proteins, egg, cheese, and hash browns all nestled inside a warm flour tortilla. Sounds like a banger, but after your first bite, you'll realize you made a grave error. Unless you enjoy plowing through your week's worth of sodium in one handheld breakfast food, avoid this like the plague. Both the bacon and sausage are so overwhelmingly salty that it's impossible to think about anything except your skyrocketing blood pressure as you eat. You can't even taste the eggs or the cheese. It's simply an extreme sodium rush that you absolutely don't need to incorporate into your morning.

11. Chili Spaghetti

Just because you go to a spot that flaunts its burgers proudly, that doesn't necessarily mean you want a burger. In fact, you might want the complete opposite of a handheld meal. If you want to wield some utensils while you eat, ordering Frisch's chili spaghetti is the perfect way to do it. The dish is exactly what it sounds like; you get a bowl of spaghetti noodles topped with a huge ladle of chili and shredded cheddar cheese. It's certainly the opposite of a burger, but that doesn't mean it's worth ordering.

The flavor of chili is what reigns supreme here. The noodles are flavorless, and the cheddar cheese on top really doesn't do its job of offering any of the sharpness that it should. But the chili certainly comes at you with a boatload of flavor, which would be wonderful if it weren't for the fact the flavor is so overly salty. The chili is chock-full of protein, but every bite tastes like the beef spent all night in a salt bath. It's such a shame because the texture of the chili is superb. If only the flavor could hit the same home run.

10. Open-Faced Roast Beef

Roast beef is one of those meats that doesn't end up on a lot of menus. Beef, pork, and chicken are usually prominent, but roast beef tends to take a back seat unless you go to a spot like Arby's, where it is the star of the show and always will be. But, at Frisch's, there is a roast beef option available to customers. The open-faced sandwich comes with thinly sliced meat draped onto Texas toast with mashed potatoes and brown gravy. Unfortunately, this isn't going to give roast beef lovers the fix they want.

The meat is sliced extremely thin, which results in a delightful mouthfeel and a texture that's delicate and falls apart as soon as it hits your palate. However, while the meat is dancing across your tongue, your taste buds are asking the question, "Where's the flavor?" That's the biggest issue with this menu item. The meat is super bland, and the sandwich completely relies on the rest of the ingredients to swoop in and supply any enjoyment. The mashed potatoes lend a silky texture and the Texas toast gives a nice crunch, but it's the gravy that does most of the heavy lifting. If it wasn't for the brown sauce, even Sherlock Holmes would have trouble locating any prominent flavors.

9. Alaskan Cod Sandwich

Fish is one of those proteins that can cause a lot of frustration for cooks. You have to make sure you don't overcook or undercook it, and the window that results in the perfect taste and texture is small, so you need to pay close attention. If you're in the mood for some surf at Frisch's, you have the option to order the Alaskan cod sandwich. While the ingredients are all a recipe for success, the end result falls a little short.

The sandwich comes with two fried cod fillets topped with shredded lettuce and tartar sauce. You also have the option to go with spicy tartar sauce if you want a little kick. Unfortunately, the consistency of the cod is a real letdown. The crispy outer skin is delicate and has a wonderful crunch, but the cod beneath the crispy coating doesn't flake apart as you expect it to. Instead, it has more of a chewy quality. The tartar sauce is super tasty and lets you forgive the texture a bit, but it's still not an ideal piece of fried fish.

8. Original Pork Sandwich

Pork is a protein you don't often see nestled in a bun. Pork chops and cutlets are more frequent menu items, but Frisch's changes it up a bit with its original pork sandwich. The sandwich comes with a breaded and fried pork patty topped with lettuce, tomato, and a hearty dollop of the chain's original tartar sauce. The idea is cool and it's hard not to let yourself cave and order it, especially if pork is your thing. You'll soon realize it would have been a better idea to order your pork somewhere else.

The texture of the pork is underwhelming at best. You expect to bite into a juicy piece of meat and savor the luscious texture flooding your mouth with flavor. In reality, the meat is quite dry and lacks any of those juicy eruptions. And, because it's dry, it can be a pain to chew through. You feel like your jaw has just run a marathon by the time you're done with the sandwich. The tartar sauce is a nice addition because you've probably never had that combination before, but the firmness of the pork is too prominent to make this an enjoyable meal.

7. Breakfast Boy Burger

Breakfast comes in many shapes and sizes, which is what makes it such a great meal. If you're the kind of person who loves diving into breakfast sandwiches so you can eat with your hands for a more intimate dining experience, Frisch's offers a Breakfast Boy Burger packed with morning ingredients so you can kickstart your day with a belly full of flavors. This looming stack comes with two sausage patties, American cheese, shredded lettuce, an egg, bacon, pickles, and Frisch's original tartar sauce.

You really get a plethora of tastes and textures in every bite, and that spells success when it comes to your morning appetite. The bacon is crispy, the sausage patties are thick and rich, the cheese lends a gooey texture, and the egg is soft and fluffy. Plus, the bite of the pickle and tartar sauce helps slice through the richness of the breakfast meats. Some people might find this a little too salty thanks to the one-two punch of the bacon and sausage, but if you're not bothered by a slight sodium kick, you'll have a good time eating this.

6. Chef Salad

When you're faced with a slew of decadent menu options, the last one on your mind is a salad. You're more likely to crave something that hits those rich-food receptors on your palate instead. We totally get it. However, if your waistline is of concern, it's not a bad idea to start out your meal with a salad before hitting the heavy stuff. So, if it's greens you're looking for, Frisch's offers a chef salad full of veggies that'll make you feel more balanced about the burger you're going to eat immediately after.

The salad comes teeming with ingredients. You get a bed of romaine lettuce topped with sliced turkey breast, smoked ham, a hard-boiled egg, shredded cheddar cheese, grape tomatoes, red onions, and cucumbers. The platter is served with ranch dressing, which rounds out all of the ingredients nicely. The meats are a solid addition because you get a bit more sustenance than a basic salad only featuring veggies. The lettuce and vegetables all taste fresh and crisp, and the ranch dressing has a pleasant herbal flavor that lends a rich creaminess to each crunchy vegetable.

5. Hot Fudge Cake

Your palate can only last so long with a barrage of rich flavors before it implores you to change up the tastes you're inundating it with. This is exactly why dessert is such a welcome part of any meal. After you shovel a bunch of heavy ingredients into your belly, a blast of something sugary totally flips the script on your appetite in the tastiest way possible. Case in point: Frisch's hot fudge cake. This sweet behemoth comes screaming into the picture to relieve you of any savory overload and smash you with the wonderfully sweet sensations you need.

To say this is decadent would be an understatement. It's so rich that if you look up the word "decadent" in the dictionary, you wouldn't be surprised to see a photo of this dessert. The after-dinner treat comes with vanilla ice cream nestled between two thick slices of fudge cake topped with whipped cream, a cherry, and a hefty drizzle of hot fudge. If you had any room in your gut after your main course, this will fill every nook and cranny. The fudge cakes are super chocolaty and stick to the inside of your mouth, allowing the wonderful chocolate flavor to linger the whole time. The vanilla ice cream blasts right through the fudge, and the whipped cream and cherry offer a textural lightness to contrast. This is how all meals should wrap up.

4. Super Big Boy

If you're heading to Frisch's Big Boy, then you'd be remiss not to order the burger that's named after the chain. While you're at it, it's in your best interest to go big and snag yourself the Super Big Boy as opposed to the regular Big Boy, because your appetite deserves the best. This super sandwich comes with two beef patties, American cheese, shredded lettuce, pickles, and Frisch's original tartar sauce. You also have the option to swap the American cheese out for pepperjack and get spicy tartar instead if you're seeking a bit of heat.

This burger is basically the same as a Big Mac from McDonald's, but instead of Mac sauce, you get tartar. The sauce is a nice change of pace from your usual burger condiments, and the tanginess cuts through the richness of the beef and the gooeyness of the cheese. You'll likely find yourself reaching for tartar sauce the next time you order a burger because this combination is so darn tasty. The burger is super filling, tastes really fresh, and it sends you on your way with an enormous smile slapped across your belly. Thank you, Big Boy.

3. Red and White Lasagna

You don't always want to approach a meal with the intention of filling your belly to its breaking point, but when you do have the urge to pull out all the stops and absolutely go ham on it, lasagna is the perfect choice. It's super rich and filling, and when it's made with top-tier ingredients it's one of the best meals around. Frisch's offers customers a red and white lasagna, and it's every bit as delicious as you'd imagine.

The lasagna comes with sheet noodles layered with ricotta, mozzarella, herbed beef ragu, and marinara sauce. The whole slice is draped in a rich Alfredo sauce and finished off with a hefty sprinkling of Parmesan cheese. Every bite screams delicious. The noodles are tender and the ricotta and mozzarella cheese are both extra creamy. The herbed beef ragu lends a fantastic richness to every ingredient, but it's the Alfredo sauce that truly brings this dish to life. The white sauce is packed with cheese flavor that envelopes your palate and leaves you fiending for your next bite. Paired with marinara, the two are a match made in heaven. 

2. Original Hot Chicken Sando

Your tongue loves to be tantalized with vibrant flavors, which is one of the reasons spicy food is so appealing to many. The heat enhances the taste of whatever it's combined with, and it grabs your taste buds by the metaphorical scruff of their necks and screams, "Wake up!" If you're looking for a menu item that's gonna have that wonderful impact on your palate, look no further than the Original Hot Chicken Sando. This thing is dripping with intense flavors that will drop your appetite to its knees and have it begging for more.

There aren't a ton of ingredients at play here but that's totally okay because the ones that are present do their job immaculately. You get two juicy, crunchy hand-battered pieces of chicken absolutely drenched in spicy sauce, pickle chips, and comeback sauce (a super tangy mayo-based condiment). The chicken is fried to the perfect crispiness, resulting in a delicate crunch that shatters with each bite. The chicken is overly juicy, and the textural contrast between the skin and meat sends your mouth into a daze. The spicy sauce and comeback sauce work like a team to create a vibrant punch of tang and heat, and the pickles are little vinegary warriors that prevent anything from feeling overly greasy.

1. Nathan's New York Cheesesteak

"This cheesesteak sure could use less meat," said no one ever. When you make the decision to take down a cheesesteak, you expect a roll piled high with shaved beef, because you shouldn't settle for anything less. Anyone who loves manhandling one of the behemoth sandwiches is in luck when they're at Frisch's because they have the option to order Nathan's New York cheesesteak. Just so you know, this thing is totally worth every penny you fork over for it.

You get a toasted artisan roll piled with over half a pound of shaved ribeye, melted American cheese, balsamic brown sugar onions, and Pat LaFrieda's butchers reserved steak sauce. You'd be correct to read that list of ingredients and start salivating. The ribeye is so thin it dissolves onto your palate with richness. The American cheese lends the perfect gooey saltiness to the meat. But it's the sweet and savory kick of the balsamic brown sugar onions that blasts every bite into a flavor-soaked galaxy. The brown sugar complements the meat to perfection, ensuring every square inch pounds your taste buds with an epic umami sensation.