The Taco Bell Baja Blast Hack That's Oddly Coming Up Creamy

The Mountain Dew Baja Blast is one of Taco Bell's most iconic menu items, and customers have come up with a hack to take this soda to the next level. The Baja Blast already makes a refreshing, tropical addition to any Taco Bell meal. However, a TikTok trend turns the beloved drink into a creamy dessert.

Just as ice cream pairs well with Coca-Cola and Root Beer, it seems vanilla soft serve enhances Taco Bell's Baja Blast. TikTok users are combining McDonald's ice cream with the Baja Blast to create a creamy float. Judging by the reactions, this summer treat should be on everyone's radar. Multiple content creators have praised this combo, with @hasaneats and @_stephanielaurel rating it "10/10."

The Baja Blast hack follows in the footsteps of a similar trend. McDonald's customers also went viral on TikTok for mixing its soft serve ice cream with Fanta. That float requires one less fast-food trip. However, it's well worth heading to both McDonald's and Taco Bell for the Baja Blast float.

Why the Baja Blast hack works so well

The internet's Baja Blast hack would be a hit under any circumstances. However, it's especially fitting paired with a meal from Taco Bell. The cold creaminess is just what customers need to calm the heat of the fast food chain's hot sauces. And with the return of the Volcano Menu, this dessert couldn't have come at a better time. After all, dairy helps ease the effects of a spicy meal. 


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TikTok's Baja Blast float also makes a refreshing follow-up to most McDonald's menu items, as it pairs well with burgers and french fries. This viral concoction will leave McDonald's patrons feeling like they're at a drive-in theater or retro diner. In that sense, it's a pretty versatile dessert. Add in its "10/10" taste, and it's a must-try for summer 2023. Is there a better way to cool off after a hot day?