Trader Joe's Fan-Fave Tangerine Bars Are Finally Back In Stock

Summer is finally here, and with it, a host of limited-time-only treats from Trader Joe's. The latest round of seasonal restocks at the grocery chain include a number of frozen desserts, such as a S'mores ice cream, an ube mochi, and a return of the fan-favorite tangerine ice cream bars, which replace their traditional orange exterior with a tart tangerine sorbet, surrounding a creamy vanilla interior.

Reddit users have begun spotting the delicious tangerine ice cream bars across locations in southern California, but perhaps more locations will follow suit in the near future. The frozen treats have clearly whipped up a fervor in Trader Joe's loyal consumer base, as the Redditor who shared the photos did so with a caption that reads "Don't walk, RUN!"

One comment from a Reddit user states simply, "These are my fave, but still haven't seen them, I really hope they make it to the Seattle area, soon!" while several others suggested the bars should be available to purchase year-round.

What other seasonal treats are available at Trader Joe's?

People who've never tested these treats may wonder what they taste like. A 2021 Facebook review noted its strong resemblance to an orange Creamsicle. However, the tartness of the tangerine helped distinguish Trader Joe's bars from its citrusy counterpart. Additionally, vanilla ice cream strongly defined the flavor, according to the review. Of course, Trader Joe's Tangerine Cream Bars are just one summer item that the grocery chain is bringing to shelves.

There are a few ways that fans can stay ahead of the curve with all Trader Joe's comings and goings, including following the grocery chain's official podcast. The latest episode of the podcast, which was released on June 12th, cataloged a number of items soon to hit the shelves for the Summer 2023 season, including a roasted red pepper hummus, a crunchy jalepeƱo lime and onion spread, and of course, the tangerine ice cream bars.