McDonald's Robotic Drink Machine Is From The Future

While fears of how robots and artificial intelligence may replace fast food workers continue, new technology is also making their jobs more convenient (and perhaps safer as well). Take this latest invention, seen at a McDonald's, for instance. This may very well be the drink machine of the future. 

A recent TikTok video shared by a McDonald's employee in Calgary, Canada, displays the latest trend in robotic assistance. A robot drink machine has been placed in the fast food restaurant, in order to alleviate some of the stress of managing drive-through orders, mobile orders, or DoorDash requests.

This new automated drink machine comes after years of robotic experimentation at the popular fast food chain, including the recently implemented automated drive-through ordering at some McDonald's locations. The automated drink machine doesn't seem to be particularly speedy in the video, but it does allow McDonald's employees to focus on cooking and preparing the food as the machine pumps out drinks.

When can you expect to see these robots in your local McDonald's?

While we've been referring to the device as futuristic, for some, it's really a device from the past. Some commenters on the original TikTok expressed confusion at the video's assertion that the device is new, specifying that they've had these machines in other locations for years.

One commenter stated, "New? This has been in Australia for about 14 years now? or more?" Meanwhile, other commenters expressed difficulty using the drink system when they claimed to work at McDonald's. One person wrote, "I thought every McDonald's had these? its all fun and games until it starts beeping at you and won't stop."

While a number of TikTokers stated that these machines have been in effect for some time, others were quick to point out that the robot shown in the video is the latest updated model of the drink-making machine. According to the McDonald's account, it is called the ABS 2.0., which appears to be more efficient and reliable than the original version. Regardless, the robot has us wondering what McDonald's kitchens of the future could look like, with automated machines like ABS 2.0 offering employees an opportunity to reduce their stress and workload.