Wagyu Beef Tallow Is The Perfect Addition To Smoked Brisket

Barbecue aficionados usually enjoy cooking up a fine slab of brisket, and everyone from amateur enthusiasts to seasoned pros has devised their own rubs, time, and temperature preferences for the perfect outcome. By tweaking and adjusting recipes over time, you may have discovered a sweet spot where all three elements merge harmoniously. This might make you content to keep things the same, but occasionally something comes along that warrants trying a different approach. Wagyu beef tallow could be the perfect addition to enhance your smoked brisket further.

You've probably heard about Wagyu beef's expensive price point, as it's derived from a specific breed of Japanese cow. The meat is renowned for its fatty marbling and melt-in-your-mouth, delectable flavor. Wagyu beef tallow is the rendered beef fat from a cow, which can help break down other meats and add tenderness to dishes. Its high fat content makes Wagyu an excellent beef tallow to incorporate into a brisket recipe.

Methods for preparing brisket with Wagyu beef tallow

You can utilize several methods when applying Wagyu beef tallow to brisket, but the process won't deviate too far from your typical smoking routine. For one approach, wrapping, you cook the brisket for a time and at a temperature that matches your preferences. 

The main difference involves removing the brisket for a couple of hours before it's finished. At this time, add the tallow to a piece of butcher's paper or aluminum foil, then put the brisket on top. Put the brisket back into the smoker and let it finish cooking, then take it out and let it cool on butcher's paper for 2 hours. Then, drizzle any remaining melted beef tallow or fat from the brisket trimmings over the brisket. A second option entails injecting cold brisket with room-temperature Wagyu beef tallow to permeate the meat with a scrumptious and unctuous flavor.

Using tallow should result in a moister, juicier, more tender brisket and lend some distinctive richness. Some BBQ experts caution that excess Wagyu beef tallow can potentially drown out some of the rub's flavor. However, many who have tried smoking brisket with Wagyu beef tallow tout its benefits over the possible drawbacks.