Exclusive Mashed Poll Reveals Fan-Favorite Steak Condiment

It's always a good time to slice into a juicy steak hot off the grill, and everyone knows exactly how they want theirs cooked (though don't ever ask a steak master to make it well done). But can everyone agree on the very best topping for those steaks? That's the question Mashed asked in an exclusive survey. 36,000 people weighed in on their favorite condiment to put on a steak, and the one that took the top spot will come as no surprise to steak fanatics.

While many fans expressed a love of steak topped with vibrant chimichurri — the Argentinian sauce made with herbs, garlic, and lemon juice — in the comments, only 6% of respondents chose it as their favorite. Aioli was also a low-rated condiment, pulling in just 2% of votes. (Though the thought of a garlic aioli-topped steak is really making our mouths water right now!)

Butter as a topping for steak did far better: It was the favorite of 24% of those polled, although several people expressed in the comments that cooking a steak directly in butter is preferable to just adding a pat at the end. Taking the number two spot in the survey is that popular American steak topper that so many of us grew up using: the delicious A.1. Steak Sauce, which received an impressive 29% of votes. 

But steak lovers take note: The condiment of choice for 39% of those polled? Nothing! As in, no condiments at all.  

Fans say the best steak of all is a naked steak

Steak purists won out in this poll: They prefer to enjoy their sizzling steaks just as they are, with no additional adornment. One comment on Mashed's exclusive survey sums it up perfectly: "Eating a perfectly cooked steak as-is right off the grill is the highest compliment anyone could give the grill master. No need for extra fluff as it masks the beauty of the beef itself."

This viewpoint is echoed by many steak experts, who say that a good-quality steak — when cooked well — will have plenty of naturally savory flavor. Sauces, spice rubs, or toppings like butter and aioli will do more to mask the natural flavors than enhance them. A little salt and pepper, however, seems to be universally agreed upon by steak masters and fans who took the survey as the perfect, minimalist seasoning for any good steak. 

That being said, when grilling or frying up your own steak at home, who's going to care if you add a dash of A.1. Sauce, a spoonful of chimichurri, or a river of melted butter? No one — so have your steak and your condiments, too!