The Pantry Staple Deals You Need To Look Out For On Amazon Prime Day

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It's the most wonderful time of the year. Yes, we're talking about Prime Day, which takes place July 11 and 12. Plenty of us have the listings for a new Kindle or Alexa bookmarked. However, Prime Day is also a wonderful time to stock up on shelf-stable pantry staples. And with food inflation still impacting everyday life, everyone could use a good deal on groceries, even if you usually skip the canned goods aisle.

Some of the best deals include organic baby food (it's not just for babies, we promise!), microwavable meals, and popular brand-name chips and snacks. We understand that the great wide world of Amazon Prime Deals is overwhelming, to say the least, but we've done the heavy lifting for you and tracked down all of the best pantry staple deals that are available on Prime Day for up to 35% off of their usual listing price.

Barilla Spaghetti Pasta

Saving weeknight dinners since 1877, dried spaghetti from Barilla is going for a major discount on Prime Day. Dress it up with a jar of pasta sauce or toss in some eggs and parmesan for a last-minute cacio e pepe. This is a great staple to have on hand for those picky eaters, as well. Barilla's well-loved elbows pasta, which is well-suited to macaroni and cheese and other baked pasta dishes, will also be available on Prime Day.

Purchase the Barilla Spaghetti Pasta, 16 oz. Box (Pack of 8) from Amazon starting at $11.97.

Rice a Roni Cups

Rice is one of those things that's so easy to mess up, either by not rinsing it enough or adding too little or too much water. Rice a Roni has been saving us this hassle for years, but it's made things even easier with their stovetop mix with its microwavable Creamy Four Cheese microwavable cups. They can be eaten on their own as a light snack or paired with veggies and protein for a full meal.

Purchase the Rice a Roni Creamy Four Cheese Cups 12-pack from Amazon starting at $13.06.

Lay's Barbecue Potato Chips

Nothing quite captures the taste of a classic American summer than Lay's barbecue potato chips. They're sweet, savory, and totally addictive. The summer BBQ essential is getting the Prime Day treatment in its snack size. These are great for packing in school lunches, taking on a road trip, or even adding a smoky and crunchy kick to your sandwiches. Purchase the Lay's Barbecue Potato Chips Individual Size 64-Pack from Amazon starting at $30.97.

Near East Rice Pilaf Mix

Another great solution to boring weeknight dinners is the stovetop pilaf mix from Near East. It contains long-grain rice and orzo pasta which can pair well with almost anything. Give the mix itself some extra flavor by tossing the dry mix in butter or olive oil for a few minutes before adding water and following the rest of the box's instructions. It comes with a seasoning packet, but mixing bullion into the water is another way to upgrade this mix.

Purchase the Near East Rice Pilaf Mix 12-Pack from Amazon starting at $24.17.

Cheeto's Crunchy Cheese Flavored Snacks

Only one major competitor against the classic potato chip comes to mind, and that's the famous Cheeto. Their original crunchy, cheesy corn puffs have been staining our fingers orange for decades, and they are a perfect snack companion. You can easily stash one of these individual bags in your work bag before the morning commute, or keep a few in the glove compartment if you're a bit hanger-prone.

Purchase the 64-Pack of Crunchy Cheetos from Amazon starting at $32.61.

Stacy's Cinnamon Sugar Flavored Pita Chips

Finding a treat that is both sweet, popular with almost all ages, and not deep-fried is no small feat. That's why we've gotta give it up for Stacy's Baked Cinnamon Sugar Pita Chips. They're great on their own, but could also be dipped in yogurt or crumbled on top of ice cream. The pita chips are twice-baked to give a solid crunch in every bite, and they taste a bit like a more snackable version of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. That's a win.

Purchase the Stacy's Cinnamon Sugar Flavored Pita Chips 24-Pack from Amazon starting at $28.69.

Gerber Organic Baby Food Pouches

Whether you're the parent of a newborn or just a savvy shopper, don't pass over Gerber organic baby food pouches. They're shelf stable, and yes, meant for babies, but if you've ever looked at a baby food ingredient label, you'll see it's shockingly simple. These unsalted, unsweetened mixes are really little more than puréed fruits and veggies. You can easily add them to a boxed cake mix or even make your own popsicles with them.

Purchase the Gerber Organic Baby Food Pouches Variety Pack from Amazon starting at $29.96.

Planters Pistachio Lovers Nut Mix

Who doesn't like coming home and having a delicious, salty snack that actually leaves you feeling full? Planters pistachio mix is a great snack to have on hand and has a great cocktail of pistachios, almonds, and cashews, which balance each other's flavors nicely. Not to mention it's got about 6 grams of protein per serving. Enjoy with an ice-cold lager, a glass of lemonade, or on their own. 

Purchase a 1.12-pound canister of Planters Pistachio Mix from Amazon starting at $7.11.

McCormick Dried Oregano

It's pretty much impossible to have fresh herbs on hand year-round, and with well-preserved dried herbs, you can hardly tell the difference. Having a shaker full of dried Mediterranean-style oregano can help bring extra levels of flavor to everyday meals such as pasta, salad, and pizza. Just sprinkle some on during the cooking process, or add a teaspoon to a fresh salad dressing. 

Purchase McCormick Culinary Mediterranean Style Oregano from Amazon starting at $7.28. 

Vanilla Bean Pods

When vanilla bean pods go on sale, they're pretty much a must-buy. Not only can you put the bean paste directly into desserts for incredibly rich vanilla flavor, but you can even use the pods to create your own vanilla extract without having to splash out more cash. Vanilla bean paste is an excellent addition to ice cream, baked goods, and custards. To turn them into an extract, simply allow them to infuse in vodka, bourbon, or brandy for several months. 

Purchase a 25-pack of Vanilla Pods from Amazon starting at $15.99. 

Planters Rosemary and Sea Salt Cashews

Salted nuts are a classic for a reason. But adding in some extra herbs can only elevate these tasty cashews from Planters. They'd make for a wonderful but simple snack at cocktail hour, or even an easy snack with a burst of protein on a hike. The buttery flavor of the cashew stands up to the powerful flavors of rosemary and salt, and it comes in a super convenient single-serve 5-ounce bag, so it really can go anywhere. 

Purchase Planters Rosemary and Sea Salt Cashews from Amazon starting at $2.78. 

Soeos Whole Black Peppercorns

The flavor difference between pre-ground pepper and freshly ground whole black peppercorns cannot be understated. The complex flavor and aroma of this go-to spice is much easier to enjoy when it comes from the whole peppercorn. You can grind them with a mortar and pestle, or just get a cheap grinder to give all of your cooking an immediate upgrade. 

Purchase Soeos Whole Black Peppercorns from Amazon starting at $8.63.

Organic roasted seaweed sheets

Few things are as versatile as the humble roasted seaweed sheet. They can be eaten on their own as a salty snack, crumbled on top of a poke bowl, or stuffed with canned tuna and rice for a makeshift sushi roll at home. And they last for quite a long time on your pantry shelves while adding a fresh, vegetal element to nearly any dish. 

Purchase a gimMe Salted Seaweed Snacks 12-pack from Amazon starting at $14.10. 

Kind bar variety pack

When you're in a crunch for time, few things are easier to snag than a snack bar. Kind bars are beloved for offering crunchy whole ingredients like halved almonds and other nuts rather than just the mushy granola and chocolate chips many of us are used to. These are well-suited to a pre- or post-workout food, quick breakfast, or a snack to stave off the hanger. This variety pack includes 12 bars in the Caramel, Almond & Sea Salt, Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt flavors. 

Purchase the Kind Bar Variety Pack from Amazon starting at $12.27. 

McCormic culinary cinnamon sticks

Even though Prime Day is in the summer, Pumpkin Spice Latte Season is not far off. And when it hits, you don't want to be without real culinary cinnamon sticks. They can add a ton of flavor to baked goods and hot beverages like mulled cider and cocoa, used in a simmering pot to fill your home with cozy fragrances, or used as a garnish that is truly Instagram-worthy.

Purchase the 8-ounce pack McCormick Whole Cinnamon Sticks from Amazon starting at $16.97. 

FLYBYJING spicy seasoning and hot sauce pack

If you like it hot, then consider getting a variety pack of hot sauces and spices to add a little extra kick to your weeknight dinners. This variety pack includes Sichuan Chili Crisp, Zhong Sauce, and Mala Spice Mix. If you find yourself always wondering where the heat is on your wings, then these are great staples to keep in the house. 

Purchase FLYBYJING Triple Threat Variety Pack from Amazon starting at $24.99.

Spiceology Ultimate Rub Collection

Salt and pepper is tried and true, but it can also get a little boring. That's why these Spiceology rubs are perfect if you like to experiment with flavor combinations in the kitchen. These also happen to be really cute spice jars with periodic table-style labels, so this would make for a great gift for any spice rub or science enthusiast in your life. The rubs can be used on meats of course, but also to season veggies and more. Expect a variety of unique combos such as chile margarita, pink peppercorn lemon thyme, and raspberry chipotle. 

Purchase Spiceology Ultimate Rub Collection from Amazon for $57.59. 

Wild Planet Wild Sardines

For anyone already on the tinned fish train (or who have been hearing a lot of buzz about the trendy food) Amazon has you covered this Prime Day with a great deal. 12-packs of Wild Planet sardines are on sale, down 23% from the original price of $29. You can choose from two flavors: packed in water with sea and lightly smoked, packed in extra virgin olive oil with sea salt.

Beyond being a good deal, the Wild Planet sardines are sustainably harvested and, as the name implies, wild-caught in the North Pacific. The fish are certified kosher and non-GMO.

Purchase Wild Planet Wild Sardines, 4.4. Ounce (Pack of 12) from Amazon, starting at $22.36.