McDonald's Grimace Merch Is Soaring On eBay Thanks To TikTok Trend

Even since McDonald's announced Grimace's birthday in early June, the big purple guy has been everywhere -– Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and now, apparently eBay. To clarify, Grimace himself isn't on eBay, as he's actually a ginormous taste bud and that would go against eBay's rules, but his merch is all over the website.

Of course, before we can talk about just how much people are willing to pay for Grimace birthday merch, we have to address the Grimace shake TikTok trend that indirectly spurred all these eBay sales. Credited to TikTok user The Fraz Maz, the trend began shortly after McDonald's announcement, with teens posting videos of themselves drinking Grimace shakes and then pretending to be possessed and/or dead (by Grimace's own purple hands?).

The Fraz Maz's TikTok has since collected more than 3.2 million views, but other videos taking part in the Grimace shake TikTok trend have soared as high as 32.8 million. Naturally, considering people are so into the Grimace of it all, it comes to no surprise that there's now a bustling eBay market for related memorabilia.

People are willing to pay A LOT for Grimace merch on eBay

Considering how TikTok's #grimaceshake has more than 2 billion views after only a month, it only makes sense that the craze surrounding this purple creature would carry over to platforms like eBay. In fact, the website currently has more than 6,000 Grimace-related listings, from Grimace-shaped soap dishes to vintage Grimace chairs. One such McDonald's chair actually sold for $1,000, but that's not the wildest price to pop up.

Another eBay listing offers a "used" (in other words, empty) Grimace shake cup, with an asking price of $6,969. Hopefully that's just a joke, because you could've gotten your own brand-new Grimace cup -– complete with a Grimace shake in it –- at McDonald's for about $4.99 during the promotion. Someone else listed a cup with the shake still included, and one person actually made a bid for $2,000.

Honestly, with people reselling spoiled milkshakes to desperate McDonald's fans, it's no wonder TikTokers are being "possessed" by an evil Grimace. You'd probably feel like there's an angry purple monster in your stomach, too.