How To Turn Costco Sheet Cake Into A Beautiful Creation

We get it, sometimes you're left with little choice but to order a supermarket birthday cake. However, even a store-bought cake can be upgraded and elevated to celebrate that special person or event in your life — and we aren't just talking about having a bakery employee write on the cake in red icing.

Instead, you can purchase a Costco sheet cake, for example, and transform it into a layered cake. One TikToker did just that, removing excess frosting before cutting two circles of cake and stacking them. They then re-frosted the tiered cake, and decorated it with colored frosting and iced cookies.

Several viewers questioned the validity of the hack, pointing out that the effort put into cutting up a sheet cake to make a layered cake isn't exactly worth the money saved. For instance, a 24-serving sheet cake from Walmart costs $25, compared to $30 for a 24-serving tiered cake. Is the hassle really worth saving $5? Maybe.

TikTok's 'hack' for elevating sheet cake allows infinite customization

Although buying a Costco sheet cake only to transform it into a round, tiered cake may not make sense to everyone, plenty of people have jumped on the trend. As the TikToker noted in the comments of their video, this may not be the most efficient method, but you can't beat the taste of a Costco cake. Plus, you can redecorate the cake to really personalize it, as they did for their two-year-old son.


$19 Costco sheet cake turned custom birthday cake. We used two to make a taller tiered cake. #PepsiApplePieChallenge #cakehack #sheetcake

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Others chose to upgrade Costco sheet cakes as well, with another TikTok user demonstrating how a plain white cake can be transformed into a tiered, minimalistic wedding cake with fresh berries or flowers. Considering how the average wedding cake cost about $500 in 2022, buying a Costco sheet cake instead is definitely a huge savings.

Even if you don't want a circular, tiered cake, Costco sheet cakes also provide an excellent starting point for custom-shaped cakes. Whether you're making a heart-shaped Valentine's cake or a cat-shaped cake for your child's birthday, having that sheet cake as a base certainly makes the process a bit easier.