How A Muffin Tin Can Easily Make Whimsically Edible Cookie Cups

Why bake cookies the regular way when you can shape them into cups to fill with milk? You might have been missing out on a really fun and delicious way to eat cookies. For milk and cookies cravings, skip the glass and instead pour milk right into baked cookie cups. The milk gets infused with sweet cookie flavor while soaking into the cup, which you can eat up at the end.

Eager home bakers will be thrilled to learn that no special equipment or skills are necessary to create cookie cups: The only tool required is that handy muffin tin. TikTok user Danielle Brown shared her technique: Simply take portions of storebought or homemade cookie dough and press them into the muffin pan cups so that the dough covers the bottoms and goes up the sides. Bake them until they're set, let them cool, then pop the cookie cups out of the pan. They're ready to fill.

Another way to pull off this cookie cup hack

Another way to make cookie cups in a muffin tin is just as easy as the first: Drop portions of cookie dough into the muffin tin cups and then bake — no need to shape the dough beforehand. When the pan comes out of the oven, the cookies will be baked into rounds at the bottom of the muffin wells. While they're still hot, press the bottom of a small ramekin or condiment cup into each cookie. This will push the dough up and create a circular indentation. Let them cool, pop them out, and fill them up. As demonstrated in a similar TikTok video by user @hip2save, the advantage of this method is that the cookie cups will have smoother, neater-looking edges, making them perfect for special occasions. 


Put store-bought cookie dough in a muffin tin and make fillable cookie cups! This is so easy to do and tastes :yum:. More details in our bio. @bettycrocker @nestleusa #dessertideas #easybakingideas #recipes #desserttiktok #dessertrecipes #foodhack #hip2save

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In addition to milk, cookie cups can hold drinks like a double espresso, a shot of Baileys Irish Cream, or even a fizzy cream soda. Or use cookie cups as a vehicle for other sugary delights like a pool of salted caramel, little candies, ganache, or fresh berries. You can also try baking your cookies in a mini muffin pan to make bite-sized, tiny cookie cups that can be added to dessert boards or served at kids' parties. Whichever pan size or method you choose, bake the cookie cups until the edges are set and lightly browned, adjusting the baking time depending on how big your muffin pan is.