How To Score A Free Large Fry From McDonald's On National Fry Day

National French Fry Day is almost here, and Mcdonald's customers have a reason to celebrate the holiday on Thursday, July 13. The chain is giving away free fries for the occasion, incentivizing anyone in the mood for a salty treat to head to one of its locations. It does this every year during National Fry Day and has even held a contest granting the winner a lifetime supply of free fries.

Mcdonald's hasn't announced any wild competitions for 2023. However, according to People, it's continuing its tradition of offering patrons free french fries. On July 13, Mcdonald's customers can snag fries of any size free of charge — and they don't even need to order anything else. As long as the Mcdonald's store is participating in the event, customers can grab their side. There is one requirement for enjoying this promotion, though: Customers need to be registered on the Mcdonald's app to claim their free item, and it's a decent trade-off for a large fry.

McDonalds isn't the only one celebrating National Fry Day

The prospect of free fries from the land of the Big Mac might be welcome news for multiple reasons. When Mashed asked readers which fast food chain had the best fries, over 40% chose the Golden Arches. However, in recent months, McDonald's French fry sales dropped due to rising food costs. It doesn't get cheaper than free when trying to save money. But what if people want to taste that freedom in other places, too?

Mcdonald's isn't the only major chain celebrating National French Fry Day this year. According to Today, Wendy's is also giving away free fries of any size, and its offer runs from July 13-16. Claiming it requires app registration, but diners can swap their free fries for breakfast potatoes if they want.

Checkers & Rally's is honoring National Fry Day by offering its Reward App members a free extra-large order of fries, which customers can claim from July 14-16. The restaurant petitioned to move National Fry Day to the second Friday of July and won, so that's why it's celebrating a little later than other companies. Fry lovers can keep an eye out for other popular restaurants promoting deals, especially now that Wendy's and McDonald's have shared theirs.