Does McCormick Actually Make Aldi Spices?

Aldi is well known for being a private-label store, meaning it strictly sells products that can't be found anywhere else. Nevertheless, it doesn't make its own products; instead, it outsources them from popular manufacturers all over the globe. Though many people know this, it remains a mystery where some of the items are made. When it comes to spices, however, it's possible one of the cases has been cracked wide open.

In an April 2023 Reddit thread, a curious poster shared a photo of their recently purchased onion powder, which sported the store's Stonemill label. On top was a familiar red lid inscribed with "M" and "C," perhaps indicating its association with McCormick. Upon noticing, the original poster asked others for their opinions. "They are both probably made by a Co-packer in the same facility," commented one Redditor. A few others shared their beliefs that nearly every product comes from the same few manufacturers, hence why store-brand foods often taste similar to the original. In honesty, it's possible that Stonemill is made in the McCormick factory.

Several name brands are rumored to supply to Aldi

The rumors of a brand link gain even more traction when checking Aldi's website. When viewing many of the Stonemill spices, you'll notice McCormick's signature red lid on top. None of this is definitive proof, so that leaves our final answer at possibly — maybe even probably, given a slew of convincing evidence. There are many more manufacturing mysteries yet to be solved.

Because Aldi's products have to come from somewhere, speculation is always stirring of where these "somewheres" might be. One such theory is that the Aldi-branded cereal Millville is made by Post, or more specifically, Malt-O-Meal. Post is responsible for making Raisin Bran, Honeycomb, Oreo O's, and a variety of other popular brands. 

There's one fact that will either make you question these speculations or lead you to confirmation. Generally, several brands — even ones in competition with each other — are made by the same manufacturer. Sometimes, that's because the utilization of the same factory is affordable and ensures a high-quality product. By remembering that, you might opt for the cheaper store brand knowing it's likely of similar quality to the name brand you were going to grab. Whether it's simply the same factory or manufacturer or the same thing entirely, it's true that Aldi products come from larger companies. In conclusion, don't rule out the potential link between McCormick and Stonemill.