Gordon Ramsay's Yolky Ramen Egg Hack Caused A Stir On TikTok

Soft-boiled eggs elevate a bowl of ramen like nothing else. First, we feast with our eyes as we take in the vibrant deliciousness of the golden and white eggs against the comforting, earthy tones of the ramen broth. The rich umami of the eggs blends well with the savory broth, creating a sumptuous and more complex flavor. The combination is delicious in all its humble glory.

You don't need much culinary expertise to make a hearty bowl of ramen, but those soft-boiled eggs can be elusive. Gordon Ramsay made it look easy in a TikTok video showcasing his technique for perfect ramen-worthy soft-boiled eggs. After bringing a pot of water to a simmer, Ramsay gently placed the eggs in with a spoon and let them cook for precisely 6 minutes. Once finished, he carefully removed them and put them in cold water before peeling them. Ramsay then shared a hack for quick peeling — but it didn't sit right with some people.

Taking one egg, he cracked its base carefully and dipped it in the cold water for a few seconds. He then removed a piece of the shell and blew on it. After that, he could easily remove all the eggshells in a matter of seconds. The hack seemed to be effective, but many netizens thought it was unhygienic since Ramsay brought it close to his mouth to blow on it.

Netizens were divided on Gordon Ramsey's ramen egg technique

"I hope chefs don't do this in the kitchen when they serve food to others. I don't think it's very hygienic," one TikTok user commented. "Mate!!! You're putting your spit [on] the eggs!!!" another user wrote. "This is disgusting to watch. I hope he didn't do that with all his dishes," a third user commented.


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Although many users thought the hack wasn't ideal because of hygiene concerns, there were a few voices of reason. "You guys act like he blows on eggs in his restaurants... that's not the only way to open an egg. Are y'all serious? He's inside his home," one user wrote. We don't recommend blowing on other people's food, but it's perfectly fine if you do it for your own.

If you're not a big fan of Ramsay's hack, there are other ways to peel a boiled egg. For example, if you sprinkle a little baking soda into boiling water, the increased alkaline levels help loosen up the shells. The good ol' tap-and-crack method also works pretty well. Soak the egg in cold water for a few minutes and gently tap it on all sides to crack the shell; it will easily come off.