The McDonald's Breakfast Hack For Cheaper Hot Cakes Is Genius

TikTok has no shortage of viral food hacks. Many of these creative off-menu orders focus on McDonald's and propose numerous breakfast menu hacks. One such hack, courtesy of a TikTok user, shows consumers how to order plain McGriddle buns instead of hotcakes for a delicious and inexpensive breakfast alternative.

Traditionally, McGriddles are served as a breakfast sandwich, often utilizing some combination of sausage or another protein alongside egg and cheese. While the buns used to make McGriddles aren't the same as McDonald's highly coveted hotcakes, the official McDonald's website describes them as maple-infused mini cakes, which makes them a seamless substitution.

Generally speaking, McDonald's hotcakes ordered by themselves cost somewhere in the ballpark of $2.50. To compare, money-saving combos such as the Big Breakfast with hot cakes start at around $5.50. Despite the McGriddles sandwich typically costing $3.29 per sandwich or $4.49 per meal, the "bun only" order reportedly costs about $1, making it the most cost-effective breakfast option on its menu — especially if you only want pancakes. 

How can you order the McGriddle buns?

To order the McGriddles buns from your local McDonald's location, you must arrive in time to catch the delightful treat off the fast-food chain's breakfast menu. Traditionally, breakfast service ends at 10:30 a.m. From there, it's as simple as placing an order. According to the TikTok creator who posted this hack, you just need to order McGriddle bread or buns to get the correct item.


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The TikTok video stated that the McGriddles sandwich buns cost only $1, but others claim they can cost around $2. The plain McGriddle order comes with the top and bottom slices, allowing you to spread butter or extra maple syrup over the top and dig in. Comments under the TikTok video found this hack to be revolutionary, with one user stating, "I gotta try this. I don't really like the whole McGriddle sandwich, but the bread is great!" while another commenter jesting, "You're telling me I don't have to order a Chicken McGriddle and give the chicken to my dog?"

While the availability of this off-menu item is likely subject to the discretion of your local McDonald's location, many TikTok users have claimed that they've ordered McGriddle buns separately for years, with some even explaining that the option is listed on food delivery apps such as DoorDash and GrubHub.