People Are Coming For Martha Stewart As Out-Of-Touch Over Truffles

As one of the most expensive foods in the world, truffles have long held a place of prestige in the world of cooking and fine dining. However, that place is probably far out of reach for most people's wallets. The distance will vary depending on the type as one of the most notable differences between black truffles and white truffles is the price, with black truffles being cheaper. Alma Gourmet sells 2 ounces of fresh white truffles for $489.15, and 2 ounces of fresh black winter truffles for $173.

That price difference doesn't make the cheaper ones especially affordable, and people recently poked fun at Martha Stewart after she posted Instagram photos of Black Diamond Caviar black truffles while telling her audience to try them. She explained that she'd never had a tastier truffle and enjoyed them with clarified butter and pasta.

However, tasty the truffles were, commenters were sure they couldn't afford them. "Martha casually telling us to try Australian black truffle like we plebs have access to it," commented one amused fan. "Martha I love you girl but I would need another stimulus check," joked another. We're sure she meant well by the post, but considering how many people are feeling pinched by inflation at the grocery store, fans are making it clear that Stewart is a bit out of touch.

Fans have previously given her a hard time about her truffle posts

While many fans roasted Martha Stewart for her truffle post, others loved it whether they could afford the truffles or not. "This feels like Early Martha, when she had things I didn't have but wanted. I like it," said one fan. We're not sure of the cost of the Black Diamond Caviar black truffles that Martha Stewart received, but according to its website their black Perigord truffles sell for $250 for 4 ounces, and their summer black truffles sell for $150 for 8 ounces.

This Instagram backlash isn't entirely new for Stewart. She has long shown her love of truffles, and this isn't the first time a social media post about them has made her look inaccessible and out of touch. In 2021 Instagram fans called foul on Martha Stewart's truffle dilemma when she posted a bowl of fettuccine with white truffles with the caption "Had to use up the third delicious truffle... before traveling for a few days! You know the pressure." Needless to say, many of her fans didn't know the pressure and took to the comments to sarcastically express as much.