We Believe In Cher's New Gelato Brand

Though Cher has had numerous business ventures throughout her tenure as an award-winning performer, including clothing lines, perfume, and dozens of advertising spots, she has never ventured into the world of ice cream before. That is until she announced through her official Instagram account that she would be launching Cherlato, a gelato brand that the multi-platinum recording artist claims is five years in the making.

The announcement from the 77-year-old musician came with the succinct caption, "Yep, this is real... I'm launching my gelato... Watch out LA!" This seems to suggest that the brand plans to launch first in Los Angeles, California, though many of Cher's diehard fans are hoping the delicious frozen treats will extend their availability throughout the country and beyond very soon. The video which Cher shared features a glimpse at the Cherlato-mobile, a decked-out ice cream truck with a full wrap of beautiful vibrant colors, emblazoned with the image of Cher enjoying a scoop of her frozen dessert. Her hit song "Believe" plays its iconic synth as the video circles the vehicle.

On the brand's first official Instagram, the company detailed its creation from idea to gelato brand. Cher partnered with ice cream company Giapo to create her brand of gelato, taste-testing and perfecting the idea over the past few years. 

What flavors will be available when Cherlato officially launches?

Though very little is currently known about the business venture at this time, fans of Cher's extensive catalog of music were quick to offer their best suggestions for flavors and names, drawing inspiration from their favorite songs. One commenter suggested flavors including "Ginseng, Tramps, and Thieves– If I Could Turn Back Lime – Dark Chocolate Lady" while others offered "The Scoop-Scoop Song", "I got Ube Babe", and "Life After Rum."

Others still offered puns and jokes, in line with Cher's bubbly online persona, which frequently sees the star sharing her wit and humor with her fans over social media. Comments such as "Do You Believe In Ice Cream After Lunch" and "Serving us looks for decades and now she's serving us gelato" quickly found their shared audience amongst the thousands of comments amassed on the announcement post.

According to a separate Instagram post by Cherlato, the brand will be using local ingredients from farmers in the area in the ice cream. The exact opening date hasn't been announced, but Cher promised more to come soon.