Will McDonald's Be Open On Labor Day 2023?

The traditional Labor Day celebration, at least as TV commercials tend to portray it, features a backyard barbecue, picnic, or similar celebration. Not everyone has the time or space for such things, however. If you're not able to throw a big hunk of meat on the grill, that's okay, you still have options for enjoying a holiday meal. As long as there's a McDonald's in your vicinity (which seems likely, as the farthest you can possibly be from one of these in the continental United States is 120 miles), Big Macs, fries, and McCrispys are all on the menu, because yes, most McDonald's restaurants will be open on Labor Day.

McDonald's has been open on Labor Day in previous years. Nor does there seem to be any chain-wide policy of closing on such a holiday, or really on any holidays, as far as we can tell. There is one caveat, though. A company representative told Country Living that franchisees run all but 5% of Mickey D's locations and they have the ability to decide for themselves whether they will or will not stay open on any given holiday. If you really want to be sure of getting your Quarter Pounder fix over Labor Day weekend, you can always find the contact info for your local store by using McDonald's restaurant locator.

These McDonald's foods could be the best addition to a Labor Day get-together

While your McDonald's order may be intended for a solo celebration or perhaps as a meal eaten on the road, you could actually make use of the chain's offerings if you need something to contribute to one of those aforementioned barbecues or picnics. (Not all of us, after all, are adept at the fine art of deviling an egg or putting together a perfect potato salad.) 

What menu offerings would work for party catering purposes, though? Sadly, not those world-famous fries, as these tend to get limp a few minutes after purchase. (The Takeout conducted an experiment and found that McDonald's fries are best within the first five minutes and noticeably worse once they've passed the 10-minute mark.) Burgers, too, may quickly grow cold and the buns become soggy.

Perhaps your best bet would be a party-sized order of Chicken McNuggets as you can order 40 pieces of these off the McDonald's menu. What else are you going to do with so many nuggets but share? You may also be able to purchase Mickey D's sweet tea by the half-gallon or gallon, although once again it is best to check with your McDonald's location to confirm whether this is available.