The Fast Food Chain That's More Popular Than McDonald's In Spain

It's hard to imagine a world where McDonald's isn't the king of fast food. The franchise's iconic Golden Arches have been around since 1955, but the restaurant didn't skyrocket towards becoming the global fast food leader until the '90s. During this time, its menu appealed to families with kids. McDonald's saw so much rapid growth that a new franchise was said to have popped up in the world every five hours. Despite this widespread success, there are some countries without McDonald's and some that would much rather scarf down pizzas instead of burgers and fries.

Spain is one such country where pizza wears the fast food crown, with a domestic fast food chain that even surpasses the profits McDonald's makes on its home turf. Telepizza is one such international pizza chain. With locations across Spain and six other countries, Telepizza was founded by Leopoldo Fernandez Pujals in Madrid in 1987 as PizzaPhone.  Pujals drew inspiration from fast food success stories like McDonald's and Dominoes in the United States. Pizza delivery became a popular and convenient dining option as the company grew, and now it boasts around 1,800 Telepizza locations in total. It's easy to see why this would be a top choice in Spain because the company sells more than just the average pizza.

Telepizza's recipes are always improving

Other than fan-favorite classics like pepperoni pizza, Telepizza prides itself on its menu's variety of savory flavors. Carbonara, creamy Corleone, and even bourbon barbecue pizzas are a few of the chain's tasty-looking options. However, the La Iberica is one robust pie that Telepizza catered to the Spanish palate. Infused with olive oil and tomatoes and topped with slices of Spain's famously expensive Iberico ham, La Iberica is touted by the restaurant as "the Telepizza that is most ours." Its strong cultural influences aren't the only reason it's a popular choice among locals and other intrigued pizza lovers.

Telepizza celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2022, just a few years after its advantageous partnership with the world's biggest pizza franchise Pizza Hut. With this milestone came a relaunch of the well-established brand and upgrades to its secret recipe, which over 60% of customers reportedly approve of. According to Food Delivery Brands, "The new recipe improves the three basic ingredients of its entire line of pizzas, a more consistent dough, a creamier cheese, and a new tomato sauce with a more intense flavor." Not only has Telepizza improved its food, it has taken over the tech market with the introduction of its delivery and pizza customization app. By taking these innovative, detail-oriented steps toward future success and customer-based improvements, we're sure the chain will continue its upward climb in full force.